Egg skin care tricks make your skin tender and fresh

(1) Egg Beauty Method
First, put the eggs in boiling water for 3 minutes (remember to drop the eggs after boiling), make sure the protein is fully cooked, and the egg yolk is half cooked.
Then break the egg into a small corner and add a little sugar to enjoy.
The effect is significant:
According to Zhang Yushan, she has eaten this kind of egg for about half a year, and the skin becomes white and slippery. It has the same moisturizing effect as the stewed egg, but the practice is more convenient and quicker.
Boiled egg massage
(2) boiled egg massage "egg" spot
Wash and dry the face with warm water, peel off the cooked eggs, and roll on the face with warm eggs.
Massage method:
The forehead starts from the two eyebrows and rolls up along the muscles until the hairline;
The mouth of the eye is a ring muscle, so it has to be rolled in a ring shape;
The nose is rolled upward from the nose along the nose;
The cheeks are rolled up from the inside out, until the eggs are completely cold.
Finally, after using the egg massage, apply a cold towel for a few minutes to shrink the pores of the face.
1. Hot eggs and cold towels are applied to the face, and the skin is rich in luster and elasticity.
2, the egg is soft and flexible, it is a good material for massage the skin.
Vinegar egg
(3) vinegar egg liquid "egg" spot
First, take one fresh egg, wash it, and add it to 500 ml of high-quality vinegar for one month.
Then, after the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small spoonful of the solution and mix it into a cup of boiling water. Stir and take it, one cup a day.
Effect: Long-term use of vinegar and egg liquid can make the skin smooth and delicate, and remove all dark spots on the face.
Honey protein film
(4) Honey protein film "egg" patch
First, fresh one egg, one teaspoon of honey, stir the two evenly.
Then apply the film to the face with a clean soft brush before going to sleep every day, during which massage can be performed to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation.
After a period of air drying, wash with water, twice a week is appropriate.
(5) almond cream "egg" patch
90 grams of soaked skin with almonds smashed as a paste, mixed with egg white and mix thoroughly, coated every night, washed with rice bran water the next morning.
White snow film
(6) Snow film "egg" patch
Three chickens are immersed in white wine, sealed for four or five days, used to coat the face, which can make the face black and white, and the wrinkles are reduced. However, allergic skin should be used with caution.
Egg yolk mask
(7) egg yolk mask "egg" spot - the best neutral skin
Mix the egg white with milk, or mix it with egg yolk and mix it for 15 minutes. It is especially good for the maintenance of neutral skin. Just keep it for three months and your face will be completely new.

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