Skin problem solved overnight

PART1 : Deep cleansing detoxifies the skin

At night, the shielding function of the skin is relatively weakened, so that more undesirable substances can be smashed in. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin before any care. Choose a cleansing oil or make-up remover to cleanse the skin , use a mild cleanser to complete the “secondary cleansing” and wash off the previous cleansing oil and makeup that remains on the skin.


Choose different cleansing oils for different skin types

For a skin with a heavy makeup, it is not enough to rely on cleansing milk alone. It is best to use a cleansing oil instead of a makeup remover. When choosing a cleansing oil, oily skin can choose the main ingredients are minerals and synthetic esters. It has strong cleansing power. At the same time of removing makeup, it can wash away the excess oil secreted. Nowadays, vegetable oil is the most important ingredient in the market. Cleansing oil, it is safe, non-irritating, and can be used on any skin type.

PART2 : Moisturizing Night Cream Foundation Repair

Choose a moisturizing night cream for healthy and normal skin. If the skin feels dry, increase the amount of toner and then apply a moisturizing night cream. The oil-soluble ingredients in the night cream are easily dissolved in the sebum of the pores, and spread rapidly in the deep layers of the skin, and are widely absorbed by the skin cells.


1 , choose plant night cream

The extraction of natural molecules such as plants is smaller than that of ordinary vegetable oils. It diffuses and penetrates quickly and is easily absorbed by the skin. The high-quality night cream contains plant essential oils, which quickly penetrate into the skin with oil-soluble ingredients.

2 , gel night cream, alternating use

Although the skin needs to be replenished at night, it should not be excessive. If you do “big oil” care for your skin for a long time, oily skin is prone to oil and fat. This phenomenon requires adjustment of the use of night cream, allowing the skin to self-regulate and restore. The specific method is to switch to gel-like night cream or moisturizing oil control night cream.

PART3 : Mask Maintenance Charges Skin

The state of the skin should be said to be very good within 12 hours after using the mask. It is recommended that people with important activities be used the next day to improve their skin condition in time. After the mask is finished, it is recommended to use the night cream, and use the oil to “lock” the nutrition in the mask to reduce the loss.


1 , the preferred moisturizing mask

Because "water shortage" is the biggest problem that skin faces at night, applying a water mask before going to bed can be a good solution. A variety of paper masks and gel makeup masks provide moisturizing benefits. It is a good paper mask that is close to the surface, has an eye position, and is suitable for cutting. This not only ensures the effect of tight veneer, but more importantly, ensures that the nutrients are completely released into the skin.

In addition to the finished mask, you can also use the mask paper and toner, moisturizing nutrient solution (or lotion) to make the mask. Place the mask on the palm of your hand, pour the toner or nutrient solution to the full amount, soak it, and apply it to your face.

2 , how to choose mask paper

(1) The size is enough. Can't be too small, a standard face should be able to cover completely.

(2) Thick enough. The paper can't be thin, if the ingredients that are too thin to "grab" are limited, even the instantaneous liquid applied will flow down.

(3) The texture should be soft. The texture of the paper is too hard, it will not be placed on the face, the texture is soft enough to fit the face, and the nutrients can be absorbed most effectively.

(4) There are more cutters. The mask is more and more reasonable, it will be flat on the face, a good paper mask will cut 12 knives, at least cut the eight knives on the face will be firm.

PART4 : Essence allows mature skin to stay in the face

The essence is designed for mature skin. The essence should be used after the toner. Its molecules are smaller than the night cream, and its permeability and efficacy are higher than the night cream. Therefore, there is no need to use night cream or mask when choosing the essence.


1 , the preferred anti-aging serum

Vitamin A, Coenzyme Q10 and Ginkgo Extract, which have anti-aging effects, are preferred. Whether the anti-aging component comes from a biological or a plant, its efficacy is the primary starting point for choice. The thickness of the application is based on the principle that the skin can be breathed, and the amount of the face is sufficient by a red bean. Secondly, in areas where the blood vessels in the face are rich, such as the eye, the nose, and the mouth, it is necessary to pay attention to the compression of these places, so that the blood circulation is accelerated and the nutrition is absorbed better.

2 , use the essence of night use

There is no certain maintenance ingredient that must be used while asleep. However, some active ingredients such as A acid will become more irritating under strong light, causing light sensitivity. When the formula concentration is high, it is recommended to rub at night. Other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A, etc., are more prone to discoloration and inactivity in sunlight and air. In order to improve the antioxidant effect, it is better to use before going to bed, and should be used up as soon as possible.

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