Dry skin, how should I maintain it?

As a dry skin MM, skin care is really a headache, in fact, in addition to the use of cosmetics, we can also use some food supplement to take care of it.

1 Eat fruits and vegetables with more than 70% water content

Fruits and vegetables with a water content of more than 70% are supplemented with appropriate moisturizing fruits and vegetables every day, and are resistant to dryness from the inside out. Vegetables and fruits generally have a water content of more than 70%. Even if they eat only 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, they can get more than 300 milliliters of water. Health experts have found that aloe vera, lettuce, cucumber, grapes, white radish, celery, grapes, pears, apples, citrus, etc. all contribute to nourishing yin and moistening.

2 Put a “Oxygen Bar” on your desk.

Putting an "Oxygen Bar" on the desk, the study found that when the indoor temperature is between 18 ° C ~ 25 ° C and the humidity is 45% ~ 65%, the human body and mind will be in the best condition. At the desk, raise a pot of green plants such as green radish, rich bamboo, narcissus, or raise two small goldfish with copper grass in a small glass jar. Naturally evaporated water vapor can not only increase the humidity of the local environment, but also form a natural “oxygen bar”. ", can also alleviate visual fatigue, so that the working environment is quiet and warm.

3 mild cleansing and warm water

Gentle cleaning products and warm water change the cleaning products to a milder type. Avoid using scrub scrubs and change to a simple, gentle moisturizing facial cleanser. After the weather is cold, the toilet will not wash the hands or wash your face with a little hot water. It seems that you can keep warm and wash the dirt. In fact, hot water will destroy the sebum membrane of the skin, reduce the water retention capacity of the epidermis, and stimulate the microvascular expansion of the face, making people feel itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, in the winter, wash your hands in the office bathroom, wash your face, be sure to pay attention to the water temperature is not too high.

4 Replenish your lips with eye serum

Use your eye serum to hydrate your lips. For lips that are particularly dry, it is a good choice to carry a lip balm. But lip balm can only replenish oil, can not hydrate, you can use the gel-like eye essence to hydrate the lips, and then apply lip balm to lock the moisture. By the way, eye products are basically suitable for the lips, whether it is essence or lotion, cream, both lip care and lip skin.

5 spring essential "office supplies" - moisturizing spray

Spring essential "office supplies" - moisturizing spray-spray moisturizing lotion can be used when you feel the skin is dry, gently spray on your face, in addition to moisturizing the skin, it can also refresh and refresh. A good moisturizing spray can also have a makeup effect on the face of the makeup. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the "watering" in highly dry parts such as the corners of the mouth, the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes. If it is sprayed on a cotton pad, it can also be used as a soothing eye mask.

6 small mouth drinking water

When drinking water and drinking water, it is best to drink small mouths and small amounts of food. Do not pour too much mouth at a time, otherwise the body can not effectively absorb. Drinking too much water is like suddenly raining down, especially those with poor circulation and meridians, but it will cause part of the body to be "water trouble", that is, edema.

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