Mix and match pioneer Chinese and Western style wall home

Chinese-style home design always gives a good mood that can't be said, so that the decoration of the home has a depth. However, as mentioned below, for modern life, it appears to be relatively simple and dull, often making people feel that emotions are suppressed, and too stable features often make people feel relaxed. So, why not trend, choose a mix and match style?

The Foodstuff Cylinder Box are similar to the tea boxes. they are also made with non-tonic food grade lamination inside,material normally use 1mm-2mm paper tube with coated paper 120-157 gsm C2S,you can custom the box in size,color and logo printing,and surface disposal can be hot/cold foil stamping,UV spot/varnish,embossed/debossed,matt/glossy lamination,The foodstuff tube boxes are always for biscuit, nuts, dried fruits, potato chips and other foods packing,Welcome to inquire if you are interested!

foodstuff cylinder box

Foodstuff Cylinder Box

Foodstuff Cylinder Box,Biscuit Cylinder Box,Dried Fruits Cylinder Box,Paper Cylinder Box

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