Make-up method for Asians

Many people don't understand why curly-haired girls want to straighten their hair, white skin wants to turn black, brown-eyed people want to have blue eyes, and blue eyes want black. For the time being, the color of the hair and the preferences of these people are not discussed. However, this is indeed a trend in the beauty industry today, people want to have what they don't have, want to change, and have the courage to try fresh food.
China, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and South Korea have all become the backbone of the Asian beauty industry. People from different Asian countries have different requirements for facial cosmetics. Obviously, in China and Japan, people prefer white, refreshing skin color, such as white, pink and light golden yellow, olive; while Malaysia and Filipinos prefer deeper colors, such as brown. Light brown and so on.
For Asians, they have similar eye color preferences for eyebrows and eyes, which is related to the facial features of Asians. Compared with the face of the Caucasian, the eyes of the Japanese and the Chinese are more inclined, while the eyes of the people of Malaysia and the Philippines are more inclined downward. The eyes of Asians are not as concave as Europeans, far from the eye sockets, and the contours of the eyes are not so obvious, making the eyes look flat. The brow bones and nose bridges are also less prominent, with no obvious contours and angles. The eyebrows and eyelashes are sparse and straight, growing downwards.
Many Asian women don't like their yellow skin, so they often use a pink or pink foundation, so the skin will look different, with a reddish effect, but there will be obvious stratification in the lower jaw. More emphasis is placed on the complexion of the face, neck and chest. The hand has always been the most revealing part of the youth's secrets, so it is necessary to achieve a similar effect to the foundation to be uniform and true. Colors can also be more natural and better for the eyes, lips and cheeks. For Asian women, it is not uncommon to use some cosmetics that contain whitening ingredients to make their skin look whiter. However, it is often overlooked that because the skin becomes white, the foundation must be changed accordingly, and a high-index sunscreen should also be used, because after whitening, the skin is more fragile and easily sunburned.

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