Cosmetics along the way

The word " cosmetics " comes first from the Greek word "Cosmos", meaning order and arrangement, etc. The Greek philosopher Hesiod first warned men about the deception of women and how they disguised themselves with cosmetics. About Pandora's story: Pandora is the first woman on the planet made of clay and other ornaments. She looks beautiful and looks very sinister. She is a thief and a liar. Therefore, since ancient times, people have been Aware of the importance of fancy dressing and decoration, there have been related practices.

The modern cosmetics and care products industry is huge, and it is estimated that there are as many as 450-660 billion cosmetics (career data) per year, which is almost equivalent to the property of Bill Gates. Cosmetics make humans, especially women, more beautiful, but the history and stories from ancient times show that cosmetics hide defects and expose defects, so that others can see the flaws under the gorgeous appearance, such as signs of aging, ill health and various Kind of cockroach, etc As many professionals have pointed out, cosmetics give people a mysterious feeling that attracts people to explore and try.

About 6,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians began to use cosmetics and had a beauty salon. Ancient Egyptian culture values ​​individual beauty and body care more than any other culture. Moreover, this trend is not limited to the royal family and the upper echelons of society. Employers also distribute some moisturizing creams to the workers as one of their work benefits. Shaving equipment (non-electric) has been around 4,000 years ago, and the Egyptians placed in the grave first include eye shadow (a substance like eye shadow), a small scorpion (eyebrow clip, etc.) and a razor. At that time they made cosmetics mainly from olive oil, animal fats, flowers and seeds. Eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara all feature green. They dyed their hair with nail polish fuel, and the stylish upper women dyed their nails red and painted their nipples in gold. In ancient Egypt's foreign trade business, spices are a major cosmetic raw material. Both men and women use cosmetics. In addition, in the Middle Eastern society, dyeing hair, skin and nails into reddish brown has become one of the important ways for people to decorate their bodies. .

The appearance that the western women generally like is pale, or a red rouge on the cheek to highlight the subtle exquisiteness of women. In the 1920s, as more and more women began to integrate into the "labor army," cosmetics entered the homes of ordinary people. Today's people's makeup emphasizes the feeling of youth and health.

After the First World War, cosmetic surgeons who began to turn their attention to women on the battlefield began to turn their attention into a trend. Removing some of the hair from the body is an important part of the body's body modification. Women think that having hair under the armpits or on the legs is a manifestation of masculinity. In order to highlight the feminine charm, these hairs are often removed by various methods. Men also often use shaving supplies to remove hair, sometimes even removing the chest hair, because they think that they can look less primitive and animalistic, and can fully show their masculinity to women or gay men.

Historically, blushing seems to be the favorite color match for female friends when making makeup. Different women of different cultures and different periods use white cream and foundation on their faces, and use red to embellish their lips and cheeks, creating a glamorous charm of flushing and blushing. Whether in ancient times or in today's society, people are convinced during makeup and aesthetics that high-bone bones in various cultures are very attractive to women, and that the slightest application of pink and white in the cheeks is even more important. The full lips are a symbol of sexiness, so the injection of collagen is full of lip, and the use of lipsticks of various colors and effects has become a common practice for women.

Healthy, wrinkle-free skin symbolizes youth and health. In general, after giving birth to the first child, the skin naturally darkens and it is difficult to maintain the original pale and fair skin color. Because of this, women with a fair complexion have become obsessed and pursued by men. Of course, things are not always generalized. Black skin is more likely to mask signs of skin blemishes and aging. This explains why today's social cosmetics, whitening products, anti-aging products and anti-aging products are so marketed.

When it comes to wrinkles, women are more likely to have wrinkles than men, and whites are more likely to have wrinkles than blacks. Insufficient estrogen will result in a lack of collagen, which in turn leads to dry, wrinkled skin. To a large extent, the deficiency of estrogen has a lot to do with the menopause of women.

In short, cosmetics, especially make-up, is one of the indispensable substances that evolved along with the development of human history and culture. The pursuit of beauty by mankind and the demand for beauty at different stages have promoted the research and development of cosmetics, especially make-up. Looking forward to more and better makeup trends, leading to the rapid development of cosmetics production and sales.  

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