Use the foundation to create Baby skin

Using the foundation can create the perfect makeup, but makeup is the key to the whole look, because only learn the proper use of foundation, in order to create Baby skin, create the perfect makeup.

Makeup effect

Can't just use one color number

Professional makeup artists recommend that we choose at least two shades: one that is closest to the skin; the other is slightly deeper. Apply deep No. 1 foundation to the mandible, cheeks and other places where you need to shrink, which will make your face more three-dimensional. As long as you control the amount and use of the method, it will not make the skin dirty as you worry.

Apply a dark foundation: First squeeze the dark foundation onto the back of the hand and apply it to the face with a foundation brush or finger instead of using it at once. Use the center to spread the way, rather than just brushing in one direction, be sure to pay attention to the connection with the skin color, until you can not see the edge line. The cheek depression below the cheekbone is the best place to apply a dark foundation. Between the lower part of the cheekbone, brush the shape of the strip and then smudge it.

Learn to use concealer correctly

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