Mature women's black makeup highlights noble

Mature women are a kind of realm that many women are pursuing, because mature women tend to have connotation, elegant temperament, self-confidence and self-confidence, want to be a high-end elegant mature woman, makeup often plays the role of finishing touch, let's learn mature black makeup!

Mature black makeup

Mature black makeup

It is really not difficult to turn a high-end elegant mature black makeup, and the focus of black dressing is on the eyes. Therefore, as long as the simple four steps, the face that is lacking in spirit can be immediately charmed. Yellow face can also change makeup as a light mature woman.

The first step: draw a black and clean eyeliner

Xiao Bian Comments: Under the premise that all the necessary makeup is completed, we must start to create the protagonist eyes of our black makeup. First of all, we must draw a clean and eye-catching eyeliner. It is recommended to use the eyeliner with the experience of mm. Because the eyeliner is not easy to smudge, the makeup will last longer, and the makeup removal is more convenient. The most important thing is that it is clean. The neatness is a crucial point for our makeup.

Step 2: Pinch the curled eyelashes

Xiao Bian Comments: To create a watery beauty, pay attention to using the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes out of the arc. To remind everyone that mm is not a clip, it should be picked up from the root of the eyelashes, then the middle of the eyelashes, and finally the middle and upper parts. Only in this way, the eyelash curling of the clip will be guaranteed and will last forever.

Step 3: Apply a mascara that will make the eyelashes thick and thick.

Xiao Bian Comments: Applying mascara is the most important step in all makeup. When applying eyelashes, mm should remember to pull up in Z-shape, so that the upper eyelashes will be long and the eyelashes will be applied. The cream will not tangled into a group. When applying the eyelashes, you can use the tail of the mascara brush to brush gently in the vertical direction, so that it will not stain the clean foundation.

Step 4: Apply false eyelashes

Xiao Bian Comments: Finally, we must attach the magical false eyelashes, mm can choose one-piece, or you can choose a bunch of beams, the effect is the same shock. It is worth reminding that after attaching the false eyelashes, don't forget to apply the mascara again, then use the eyelash curler to gently clamp it once, so that our false eyelashes and true eyelashes can be more fit and more natural.


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