Nanomaterials new generation plate making technology

The printing industry is one of the industries that have a major impact on China's national economy. In order to speed up the implementation of the green printing strategy and promote the transformation of the development mode of China's printing industry, the development and promotion of environmentally friendly advanced printing technologies and materials have become the mainstream of the global printing industry. At present, China's printing plate making process is based on the principle of photo-sensitive imaging, similar to the traditional film photographic process, requiring exposure, washing and other processing processes and dark operation, bringing great environmental pollution and waste of resources.

In order to overcome the chemical pollution caused by photofinishing in the process of printing plates, researchers at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a new generation of nanomaterial-based “non-photosensitive, non-polluting, and low-cost” plate making technology. The application of materials and nano-microstructured plates will print the graphic and text information directly onto the plate, forming an ink-friendly graphic area and a hydrophilic blank area for direct printing. Just like the revolution of digital photography for film photography, this technology completely avoids the chemical washing process and cumbersome process. It is currently the most environmentally friendly printing plate making technology.

This technology has received strong support from the state, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing municipalities. Founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry, Legend Holdings, etc., Beijing Zhongna New Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the industrialization and promotion of nano-green plate making technology. The company has successfully developed the new 100 commercial platemaking machine, Naxin 100 newspaper plate making machine, Nanoplate133, Nanoplate200 and other products.

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