Global attention to skin care new concept - fruits and vegetables

It is said that this winter is particularly long, and it has already arrived in the spring, but the air still reveals the coolness, but many girls are prepared for the warm season not far away. Taking off the thick coat, revealing his delicate skin, is it troublesome for the season skin? The world's most eye-catching new concept of skin care - fruits and vegetables, healthy fruit and vegetable skin care is hot!

Fruity body is once again popular

Just like laughing and laughing to promote the elimination of exhaust gases in the body, the fruit-type body lotion also has the same effect on the skin. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are all fans of such vital products. What is particularly popular this year is the compound and fruity body. That is to say, the first note is a characteristic fruit flavor, such as citrus, honeydew melon, etc., but the latter is not simple, mixed with floral notes or other fruits and vegetables. When this clear fruity taste is combined with different skin types, it will have its own unique body odor. The best time to use fruit-based moisturizers is to use them in the morning after bathing. The same kind of body lotion and moisturizing lotion will be used together. It will last longer, even if the clothes are not completely thin, it will help you get one. Lightness throughout the day.

Detoxify the body with freshly squeezed fruit

If you are a good figure, it is just because this winter's Hu Haisai stuffed the meat on the abdomen. Using freshly squeezed fruit juice to cleanse the body is a lazy and effective way to restore the body. Of course, the drinking method is still very particular. Misha Barton confessed that in the weeks when she was poisoning her body, she only ate two vegetarian foods a day. Every meal was only seven minutes full. When she felt hungry, she sipped healthy freshly squeezed fruit. Is it really hungry? Eat bananas. This trick was also borrowed before Na Ying came back. After the high-intensity dance rehearsal, she was only allowed to eat bananas.

Okinawa’s body is in a “fighting”

It is said that a few years ago, the fruit vinegar was really a fire. The vinegar made from grains, fruits and vegetables not only has the effect of appetizing, soothing liver and nourishing the lungs. A large amount of organic acids can also enhance the body's immunity, help detoxification, and make vinegar once become a maintenance trend. Recently, in Japan, beauty vinegar is very tight, not only the material source and purity are greatly improved, but the price has also doubled. Because beauty experts have found that fruit vinegar can not only be used for eating, but also has excellent effects on skin and hair. That's right, in 2010, "Vinegar Heat Maintenance" was killed again!

Many people know that a small cup of fruit vinegar after a meal is good for keeping fit. However, scientists have recently discovered a new discovery: the fruit acid factor in fruit vinegar can effectively stimulate the metabolism of the scalp, accelerate the supply of nutrients in the hair roots, and the hair will be high. Therefore, the current Okinawa is particularly popular with sucrose vinegar / apple vinegar instead of conditioner. After each wash, gently smear the scalp with about half a cup of vinegar. The acetic acid in the fruit vinegar can remove the static ions in the hair. After the hair is drilled out from the winter hat, it will be particularly smooth and obedient.

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