Combination of plate cylinder and ink transfer roller

1. Ink fountain and ink fountain roller

The ink fountain and the ink fountain roller are used to control the output ink volume. Their surface must be clean, otherwise it may cause the roller surface to wear or draw deep grooves. When not printing, it is best to separate the ink fountain and the ink fountain roller, and to clean the ink when you leave work. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the existence of impurities in the ink each time the ink is applied. If so, they should be selected. Do not need to star on the site do not completely die, should leave a slight gap, this asked the European ink to play a role in lubrication. The ink cartridge and the ink fountain roller should be equipped with an ink-receiving machine underneath, otherwise the impurities overflowing from this gap may fall into the machine and cause a printing failure. The residue on the ink tray should also be regularly cleaned.

2. Ink transfer roller

The role of the ink transfer roller is to transfer the ink on the ink fountain to the ink roller. This requires that the pressure on both sides be uniform, otherwise it will cause rapid wear on one side, slow wear on one side, and finally cause the roller to become a conical shape, resulting in the destruction of the uniformity of ink transfer. Since the ink transfer roller oscillates back and forth, it receives a large impact, and sometimes it may cause the pin of the swinging crank to bend or break, so the pressure between it and the ink rollers on both sides should be checked regularly.

3. Ink roller

The role of the upper ink roller is to equalize the ink in both the primary axial direction and the circumferential direction. However, it should be noted that the surface material should have weak acid resistance so that the ink can be smoothly conveyed downward. When cleaning the ink path, the surface should be cleaned. Otherwise, the ink remaining on it may be cured, causing uneven wear on the surface of the roller. The main ink roller and the last ink roller have the same maintenance as the roller.

4 uniform ink roller and heavy roller

Uniform rollers and heavy rollers are used to even out the ink. As long as the surface of the uniform ink roller is clean and the accuracy can be guaranteed, it should be checked regularly by the card reader. Heavy roller is mainly used to prevent vibration of the even roller, it can also play a dirty role, paper and other impurities will accumulate to the top, so every time you wash the machine should try to clean the surface. Otherwise, over time, these impurities will stick to the surface, making it particularly difficult to clean.

5. Ink roller

The ink roller is an important component in the maintenance of the ink path. The accuracy of the ink roller is directly related to the quality of the printed product, so the accuracy should be checked regularly. Once it is found that its accuracy can not meet the requirements, it should be replaced immediately, the full runout of the ink roller can not exceed 0.02mm. The pressure between the ink roller and the ink roller and plate should be properly adjusted, otherwise it will cause rapid wear. In addition, the ink roller itself should not have any stringing, otherwise it will affect the quality of printed products.

6. Plate cylinder

Plate roll is used to transfer the ink to the blanket cylinder in the manner permitted by the plate. For the printing plate, its surface non-graphic part should have good water absorption, and the graphic part should have good water-resistance and ink-absorption, and the plate thickness should be uniform. Only by meeting the above requirements can the printing plate transfer the ink well. The plate cylinder diameter is not easy to change, otherwise it will cause rapid wear of the ink roller.

7. Rubber roller

The role of the blanket cylinder is to transfer the ink on the plate directly to the surface of the printed sheet. Rubber roller accuracy is directly related to printing quality. Impurities on the surface of the blanket should be promptly removed, otherwise these impurities will solidify on the blanket, causing increased printing pressure, and sometimes even damage the blankets in these areas.

8. Paper

Paper is the last place to accept ink. To ensure a good impression of the ink, the first is that the thickness of the printed sheets should be uniform, and the surface of the next printed sheet should have a relatively high speed of pulling hair. This can prevent paper and other impurities from returning to the ink path and affect the quality of printed products.

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