Brand-name cosmetics packaging inventory

A piece of cosmetics, people love it, in addition to the inherent quality of the product, the external packaging is also an attractive point. Cosmetic packaging is a fashionable item for modern women, and more and more new products are released to pay attention to this. They show different tastes with touching details, smooth lines, and noble LOGO.

Series 1 classic packaging

Representative 1 Chanel

Packing Keywords: Black and White, "Double C" LOGO Brand Name: "The soul needs luxury." "Popularity is fleeting, but the style is eternal." - Brand founder Chanel Ms. Complex: visually, Chanel The cosmetics are always elegant in its classic black and white tones, which seems to be an elegant style inspired by the old-fashioned movie plot. Every time I open the square shape, the arrogance of my heart slowly disappears, and the soothing rhythm begins to sound. With it, life should be calm, introverted and emotional. The true meaning of love: Someone said to me: "Every time you take Chanel's cosmetics in your hand, when you open the classic packaging, you will have a noble king spirit in your heart." Indeed, not everyone can afford A five-figure Chanel suit, but at least we can afford a lipstick or a piece of powder. With Chanel's cosmetics, the meaning is definitely not just the use of that lotion or a lipstick. Just as we no longer call the cream "wipe oil", the meaning of packaging is very important for cosmetics, especially the classic brand like Chanel. Fan sketch: she is stylish and elegant, reserved and reserved. I like Chanel's own style and like the timeless combination of black and white. When she took out the brand's powder from Chanel's classic black satin evening bag, or from the latest white CHANEL handcuffs bag, the square box with pearly texture, a heartfelt Superiority and calmness will arise spontaneously.

Representative 2 Lancome

Keywords: French Rose brand name: "Every woman is like a rose, the same swaying, but each has its own characteristics and posture." - Brand founder Aman Petit let Mrs. heart: the elements of the rose Lancome is filled with a breathtaking romantic mood, carrying a private romantic feeling, as if it is the best mark in the female world. The more powerful women, and the old-fashioned handbags, will also reveal the feminine inner femininity of this French rose. The true meaning of love: Many girls bought the first lipstick or mascara in their lives because they fell in love with the rose. In the eyes of women, Lancome is always a delicate French rose, exuding irresistible charm. And because of this rose, Lancome cosmetics has become the best gift for men to give women a message, so Lancome's sales performance is always proud. The classic LOGO and the French rose have created the beautiful packaging of Lancome, and also created a successful brand in the beauty industry. Fan sketch: She is tender and gentle, and tastes first-class. She strives to create her own unique femininity and likes all the good things in the world. She takes Gucci's sleek yet classic buckled print bag and takes Lancome's mascara and lip gloss to create her own charm.

Series 2 luxury packaging

Luxury packaging represents Guerlain

Packing Keywords: Gold-plated, beautiful brand name: "The moment you get out of the bag, you can be the focus of the audience." - Herve Van der Straeten, designer of Guerlain KISS KISS lipstick, heart-warming complex: What is luxury? Today, buying expensive things and spending a lot of money is not a luxury. It’s extravagant if you have one or two pieces of custom-made items. Guerlain's KISS KISS lipstick is the world's first hand-made haute couture lipstick. Everyone is eager to have a unique beauty, and one of the ways to create exclusive and exclusive is to customize it by hand. Because of this, Guerlain is extremely luxurious, but never popular. The true meaning of love: When it comes to the beautiful packaging of cosmetics, the first thing that comes to mind in many people is "Guerlain." When every high-end makeup brand is striving to create a myth that makes women perfect, the beauty industry has become a dreaming industry in some way. The box used to hold your dreams must not be an ordinary plastic bottle or broken carton. Guerlain's intentions and enhancements on the packaging gave all women a double enjoyment of sight and use. Many people are attracted to Guerlain because of the packaging. After purchasing, they found the good quality of the products and became a loyal supporter. I believe that the brand that makes the package a work of art will also really care about our face. Fan sketch: Her temperament is noble and artistic. The requirements are strict and the pursuit of luxury and fashion is possible. YSL's satchel has a strong urban feel, and the luxurious details and flamboyant styles are the most fashionable. Picking up a Guerlain KISS KISS lipstick from such a bag, I think there is no one in the limelight.

Series 3 elegant packaging

Elegant packaging represents Estee Lauder

Packing Keywords: Gold and Dark Blue, Master Design Brand Name: “As our service tenet, our job is to let all women show the perfect side.”——The founder of the brand, Mrs. Estee Lauder, has a heart-warming complex: Estee Lauder's make-up packaging The lines are smooth and the atmosphere is designed. It is different from those of the soft beauty, and uses the principle of architecture to create the rigidity of women. Calm, intelligent, and elegant, this is the three words that I automatically rushed into my heart every time I look at Estee Lauder cosmetics. Not every woman has the soul of a rose or Guerlain. Some women bloom like swords. The true meaning of love: Estee Lauder's packaging always follows the mature and elegant design concept. The prestigious packaging first appeared in the Estee Lauder perfume collection. Many women are deeply fascinated by the rainbow-like perfume bottle.

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