Make-up remover

Make-up remover seems to be simple, in fact, a lot of learning, remover is not simply to remove dirt, but also a skin care, if not pay attention, the skin surface moisture is also taken away. If you are dry skin or have been suffering from dry skin during the season, you may want to start with a texture and consider the use of cream and gel texture remover. This kind of texture is similar to skin care products. It contains many moisturizing skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and lavender. It also removes makeup while maintaining the skin's water and oil balance, and it is not easy to lose moisture.

Lin Yichen remover method

Lin Yichen remover method

Hot compress

Some people say that the cleansing power of make-up remover or make-up remover is not as strong as cleansing oil. In fact, using the right method is the key to making makeup removal completely. If you want to let the make-up remover completely remove the makeup, you can first "hot" the face: first, heat the towel in hot water, or put the wet towel in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then gently Apply to face for 2-3 minutes. The heat and temperature increase can quickly soften the dry skin, make the cuticle soft, and the dirt will float on the surface of the skin. Then use the cream to easily remove the makeup.


Many people mistakenly believe that cleansing milk or cream does not need to be emulsified with water. This view is exactly the need to correct! The process of emulsification is a process of decontamination, so the completeness of emulsification determines whether the cleaning is thorough. Take a proper amount of cleansing milk or cream into the heated palm of your hand and warm it up. After a while, apply it to your face and the decontamination will be improved. Then pat the cotton pad with a small amount of warm water on the face, then massage it with your fingers and thoroughly emulsifie. After the cream turns into a milky white semi-liquid, wipe it off with a cotton pad.


Is makeup removal a good time to massage? Some people may wonder if the skin will remove makeup and dirt into the pores while removing makeup. Don't worry about this. The molecules of make-up are large enough to dissolve into the pores. Massage the skin for about 1 minute during makeup removal to help dissolve the dirt on the face, promote blood circulation, increase the skin's ability to hold water, and better absorb the nutrients of skin care products in subsequent skin care.


After completing the emulsification and massage steps, we can take a cotton pad to wipe off the remaining lotion on the face. It is worth noting that the “wiping” here should be called “pressing” in a strict sense, gently pressing the skin, wiping off excess liquid, and taking away dirt, it is not easy to produce excessive friction. Excessive rubbing of the skin will destroy the surface structure of the skin, and will also wipe off more water and accelerate skin aging.


Want to completely remove the burden on the face, many easy to ignore and unexpected details are also worth paying attention to, such as eyebrows. Residual dirt can easily be inadvertently covered by eyebrows, let us ignore it. Remember to remove the makeup from the eyebrow to the back of the eyebrows a few times, so that the dirt hidden in the gap between the eyebrows can be avoided! In addition, the position near the hairline and on both sides of the nose is often overlooked.


Since cleansing cream and cream have thoroughly cleansed makeup, do you still need a cleansing product such as facial cleanser? The answer is yes. Because the general makeup remover removes oily dirt similar to make-up, while the cleansing lotion and the like are water-soluble dirt, so they can be described as "specialized in the industry", indispensable. Even if you only apply the sunscreen products, you need to use the cleansing milk to remove the protective film formed on the surface of the skin, then clean it with cleanser, otherwise you will only block the pores and accelerate the aging.

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