Men's skin care lotion is the key

Watching the hot-spot drama interspersed with skin care cosmetics advertisements are very attractive and eye-catching. Countdown to a minute or two also has the patience to watch. Not only are there various beauty appearances, but now there are quite a few men’s products for the handsome guys , in the eyes of the travel TV makeup artist Tintin. What brand of men's skin care is not absolute, 99% of the skin care products of various brands are actually similar, only 1% is probably the "characteristic effect" of the so-called new products. As a male, Ding Ding believes that the quality of the male compatriots is closely related to "will not wash your face" and what kind of lotion is used.

Washing water below body temperature

Men's sweat glands are more vigorous and oily, and can be cleaned two or three times a day. The temperature of the water when washing your face is very important. The water temperature is not good. Because the pores are tight when the skin is cold, the skin elasticity is good. When the water temperature is too high, the pores of the skin are opened, and the oil inside is completely washed away. The more dry. So wash your face with water below body temperature. In addition, you must wash your face carefully every night. If you don't have to go out on weekends, you can not wash your face in the morning, let the skin rest every week, the skin will be better, and the problem of enlarged pores will be alleviated.

Emulsion remover has a miraculous effect

Men who pay attention to the image will make a little makeup, use a thin foundation to modify the eyebrow shape and apply colorless lip oil. If you want to do some remedy after staying up late, you can play a little bit of bronze or orange blush, which will look more spiritual. To remove makeup, it is necessary to remove makeup. Tintin recommends that men use a cleansing cotton to wipe off most of the makeup, then apply a lotion, then wipe it with a cleansing cotton, and finally use skin care products. Because the male pores are relatively large, the foundation will remain in the pores after the pores shrink during sweating, and the emulsion can be opened and cleaned up.

Choose the back of the lotion

How do men choose the lotion that suits their needs? The back of the hand is the best verification tool. Go straight to the men's skincare counters, apply a lotion to each of the left and right backs, and then you can go anywhere else... After half an hour, compare the skin of the back of the hand to feel more elastic and moisturizing. Which one to choose.

If you want to make a moisturizing mask, don't choose too much nutrients, because the physiological state of spring skin itself is very good, too much nutrition is wasted. Usually applied for about 10 minutes, when the mask is still wet, the mask is consumed, but the nutrients on the surface of the skin will be absorbed back.

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