This summer, blue and white makeup is popular

Blue and white makeup

This summer's makeup color tone is more fresh and natural makeup, more special, such as the sky and white clouds, can give people a good sense of blue and white, is the mainstream color this spring, and the dazzling tannins The fastest speed can not be said, clothing can also go sweet or neutral boy style are quite excellent, it is quite a versatile color under the spring breeze, if you are tired of every spring must in the main pink pink and other feminine Color, fashionguide suggested 妳, may wish to smear a bright blue tones with a glossy, elegant and handsome style, but also quite good!

Blue and white makeup

Givenchy's "Favorite Daning Style" spring makeup, will always be undefeated fashion protagonist - tannin wind, with blue and black clever use of eye makeup, and boldly blend bright yellow, pink, make the makeup brighter, Three-dimensional; lip makeup and eyelashes are paired with exquisite and soft purple tone, adding a touch of sensuality to the handsome tannins, overall the makeup is both gentle and feminine.

Chanel's blue sky in the early spring, the pastels of dawn, the indigo night sky filled with stars, and the white flowers with the dew on the dew are all stored in the 2008 limited edition spring makeup "Aurora Blues", in the gradient and contrast of blue and white. Among the cosmetics, the "Favorite Camellia Eyes", the snow-white blush that shines like a crescent moon, and the nail-blue oil of the sky are all limited items.

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