Blue eye makeup is more clear

Blue is not a good color, but its coolness is popular in the summer. This season's T-masters have interpreted the various uses of blue, and it is also suitable for all kinds of occasions in life, not only can add one in summer. The comfortable and comfortable feeling makes the eyes more clear.

Blue eye makeup

Blue eye makeup

Blue highlights make the dull makeup brighter

Office makeup can be borrowed: the earth color adds a sense of dignity to the office makeup of OL, but it is slightly rigid. The faint blue adds subtlety to the make-up, making the overall look alive. Tip: The earth color or dark orange brush can make the eyes deep and three-dimensional in the eye area, and the blue brush is on the brow bone. The two eye shadow color transitions must be clean. Use the cotton swab to clean the edges of the earthy eye shadow that was first applied, and then use blue to make the two colors clearly distinguish.

Blue and multi-color fun color game

At the party, let the sighs smug the face: at the party of friends, the atmosphere around them is happy and colorful. With the corresponding makeup and the atmosphere, it can add festive effect! Tip: Blue and many color blocks are very interesting. It is like a tangram game in childhood. Since it is a cute and interesting feeling, there is no taboo in the choice of color. You can choose a color plate like a model. However, there should be a primary and secondary distinction in color.

Sweeping on the eyebrow to reveal the extraordinary taste

Suitable for fashion parties: don't need too much, as long as this blue is absolutely enough for you to be stylish enough to steal the mirror! Reveal your unusual fashion taste, try it next time! Tip: Use blue to sweep your eyebrows and have amazing effects! But to choose a light color, dark blue will cover the original outline of the eyebrows, making people feel strange, not fashionable.

A large area of ​​extraordinary atmosphere is enough to prop up any occasion

At the advanced dinner: this large area of ​​blue is very atmospheric, bright blue is very lively, showing extraordinary temperament in formal occasions. Tip: Sweep a large area over the upper eyelids and eye sockets. The brow bones can be brightened with yellow or orange. If you want to smudge the eyeshadow on a large area, you don't need to highlight blush and lip color, let blue become the dominant color of the face!

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