The problem of exporting goods and furniture is frequent

The reader, Mr. Zhang, told this newspaper that he had encountered the embarrassment of buying furniture for export. A set of solid wood dining tables and chairs that are called export goods by the merchants look good and the price is cheap. However, when they move into the house for a few months, they have cracking problems. When they get back to discuss the business, the business has disappeared. Through the visit, I found that there are not many people who have experienced the same experience as Mr. Zhang. They are running "outbound goods", but they have not tasted the real benefits.

Through the visit, I found that there are not many people who have experienced the same experience as Mr. Zhang. They are running "outbound goods", but they have not tasted the real benefits.

True and false fake export goods quality problems frequently

Similar to the export of goods that the clothing industry is popular with domestic consumers, recently, the export of furniture is exported to foreign countries. The materials, quality, and environmental protection are all in line with EU standards, but the price is lower than the domestic quality furniture. Daxie "preempted" the hearts of consumers.

Can I buy good furniture at a low price? Are these beautiful things true or false, will there be hidden concerns? In this regard, Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, once said that due to the difference between the export destination and the demand of the next party, the export furniture is also divided into three or six, etc., not all export furniture is equal to the "high quality" painting. In addition, there are people in the industry who say that the domestic manufacturers mainly relying on OEMs usually see production, and the furniture that is manufactured more often does not have much in order to cope with unexpected situations. Therefore, the true extent of so-called “exports” in the market remains to be seen.

The quality of the real goods is good but the compatibility is limited.

It is not unreasonable that the real export of goods is the first choice for consumers. After design and research and development, foreign furniture companies have created practical and popular furniture styles, and then found domestic factories that are relatively cheap in raw materials and labor. In order to ensure the quality of the products, they will be extremely strict with these OEM products, and the materials, quality and environmental protection must meet the EU standards.

Such a strict production process. Nature makes the real export of goods very popular. According to Ma Xiaolong, executive vice president of Henry Day, the cheap real-tail furniture is present in the market, but not much. These furniture are either used to replace the defective products on the assembly line, or are produced because the raw materials are left to avoid waste, and are ultimately useless. Due to the small amount and the lack of complete sets, it can only be sold at low prices in the form of tail goods.

Wang Lanping, an ultra-comfortable home known for imported American-style furniture, said that the quality of the same export products is also different. Generally, furniture exported through formal channels has high production standards, process procedures and inspection standards, and the quality is trustworthy. However, the inspection standards of different countries are also different. The furniture inspection standards exported to Europe and the United States are higher than those in Southeast Asia, and the quality of furniture is relatively high. Therefore, consumers can ask more about the export experience of the product when purchasing, as an auxiliary means to judge the quality of the product. Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, also gave advice on purchasing. He said that some small enterprises have long been processing orders for single products, and the products are not complete, especially for export to the United States. Their specifications and colors are very distinctive, and there will be difficulties in matching. .

"export return" furniture problems are not the same as seeing the quality and then buying

When buying and exporting furniture, consumers also need to be wary of a situation that is “export return” furniture. There is an essential difference between the export return and the export of the goods. The goods returned by the foreign manufacturers must have problems, or fail to deliver on time, or the product specifications are different, or belong to the defective products, or the quality and environmental protection have not passed the test. In this regard, Zhu Changling also said that under the current situation, it is not excluded that some of the unbranded domestically sold furniture in the market is a return of some small manufacturers that are on the verge of bankruptcy or unqualified export inspections. Unless there is a significant damage to the surface of the furniture, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between the end product and the return. Therefore, when purchasing, manufacturers should be required to issue a business license and furniture inspection report, but also pay attention to the right amount of purchase, the total amount of furniture does not exceed 1/3 of the indoor area is appropriate.

Foreign consumption power is in a diminishing stage, and the demand for furniture grades has also changed. Ma Xiaolong also said that in recent years, the furniture they exported to foreign countries are mostly mid-range and durable products. The materials are well-regulated, the shape is simple and the carving is small, and the hardware accessories are not high-end goods. According to Ma Xiaolong, this change is universal. If the durable product is “returned”, the problem is not limited to the fact that the carving is not fine enough and the size is slightly different. Therefore, consumers should not be confused by low prices, to see the quality and then buy.

"Fake tail goods" took advantage of the upper position of the foreign party

"It is more buyable than the domestically produced ones." The wrong consumption consciousness of the Chinese people has become the umbrella of some unscrupulous businessmen. If you think that copying foreign big-name furniture is the limit of plagiarism of some small manufacturers, it is a big mistake. In order to make quick money and make profits, nowadays, "exporting goods and furniture" has become the object of imitation. Spread in the market.

In this regard, Liu Xiaoyuan, general manager of Yitong Home Beijing, said that the sales of the tail-selling flag is not the result of the foundry experience, nor the quality of the household products that are not in export quality. This is mostly done by small manufacturers who like to shoot a gun for a place. They take advantage of the fiery heat of export to the domestic market, and the blindness of consumers, and take advantage of the opportunity. Ma Xiaolong also said that in order to take the amount, these "fake tails" are mostly based on the imitation of the best-selling exported European and American furniture, which is similar to God. The raw materials they use are mostly sheet metal and fast-growing solid wood, but they are sold at the price of solid wood furniture. These shoddy and fake practices are indeed worthy of consumer attention and are cautious when purchasing.


Pay attention to the quality of exports to domestic products, love to play "low-priced cards"

Many people regard the price of a product as the key to judging whether a certain export-to-domestic brand is cost-effective. In fact, the practice of seizing the market at a low price is often the iconic practice of manufacturers without long-term development. However, the company that truly has a formal transformation and brand will comprehensively determine the actual conditions of materials, processes, design and quality. Market-competitive prices, rather than an emphasis on low prices.

Liu Xiaoyuan, the general manager of Beijing, who has successfully transferred to the domestic market, has said that some manufacturers often make big fuss about the price when they deal with the export of goods and returns, attracting consumption with low prices. However, the hidden concerns of these manufacturers' follow-up services and quality assurance are just covered by low prices. In contrast, domestic brands with branded services, because they are not simple sales, have certain improvements and innovations in product materials, design and technology. Therefore, they have their own pricing system, and they may have no advantage in price. However, it does provide a more humane service to the purchaser. It can be seen that the price level should depend on the quality of the product and the level of application. It is not a long-term solution to play low-priced cards.

- Notes:

Export to domestic sales can not be blindfolded

In order to let consumers understand the export-to-domestic products, as early as January 8, 2010, this newspaper has used the theme of “export to domestic sales, making the furniture market foggy”, and a large number of emerging export-oriented domestic furniture. Conducted a visit and understanding. After several years of development, the market chaos of export-to-domestic household products has improved, and the number of innovative products with low quality and low cost-effective inventory has increased. During the "Luxury Road of China's Home Furnishings" forum held by last week, industry insiders engaged in the production and agency of furniture and building materials at home and abroad said that if the Chinese manufacturers starting from OEMs can be based on foreign sales experience, To make products that are more suitable for Chinese people, this kind of centralized transformation will bring consumers more cost-effective products. At the same time, if these factories focus on innovation and channel cultivation based on maintaining high standards of manufacturing, they can not only On the basis of high technology, the development path of renewal will be opened, and the growth of local brands will be stimulated at the same time.

The insiders also said that there are also some businesses that attempt to take advantage of the opportunity to sell only the export goods and returns, only the sales volume has no long-term plans, the roads of these manufacturers will become narrower and narrower.

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