How to create glamorous everyday makeup

Many MMs think that make-up is a very laborious and expensive job, but they can only help nothing. Who knows that the beauty of love is not extinguished. In fact, mastering the skills, makeup is very simple, whether it is work makeup, or Daily makeup is a kind of respect for others, and for others, it can also improve confidence. Now teach you how to create a glamorous everyday look with simple cosmetics.

How to create glamorous everyday makeup

Brightening makeup

Step1: Before applying the liquid foundation, apply the base lotion to make the foundation more uniform. Applying the base cream to the cheeks and the dull T-zone, which are easy to red blood, can make the makeup look clearer afterwards, helping you to create a smooth, delicate skin like porcelain.
Tip: Choose the appropriate base color according to your skin condition, the skin color is yellow and dark for lavender color; the cheeks are easy to red, it is suitable for green; the black skin color can choose the flesh color to brighten the skin and increase the skin texture.
Step2: Slim and blush will rub the rouge on the cheeks. The moist and delicate powder can give the cheeks a natural layering and create a refreshing impression. At the same time, sweeping the light-colored part in the depression of the cheek can increase the texture of the skin and alleviate the stiff feeling caused by the excessively high tibia.
Tip: Sweep the blush over the extension of the tip of the nose and the lower part of the earlobe to make the entire look look young and vibrant.

How to create glamorous everyday makeup

Natural beauty lip

Step3: Naturally beautiful lips and clear makeup, need healthy red lips to highlight the ruddy color. Choose a lipstick that is similar to the blush color but slightly darker and gently apply it to the lips. If your lips are not perfect, you can use a lip liner to outline the contours, or to be capable, or flattering, as you wish. Then apply the lipstick and blur the edges with a lip brush to make the makeup look more natural.
Tip: On weekends, you can try to abandon the outline of the lip line. After applying the lipstick, use your fingers to slightly smudge the edges of the upper and lower lips to create a slightly lazy aristocratic beauty.
Step4: After clearing the makeup, pat the face with loose powder, not only can make the makeup last longer, the pearlescent effect of loose powder can soften the overall makeup, creating a transparent feeling like glow from the inside of the skin, and creating no dullness. , even, rosy makeup effect.
Tip: Before using loose powder, it is best to pat the puff in the palm of your hand to avoid overuse. The order of the cheeks in the T zone is the easiest to create a natural radiant finish.
Makeup Comments:
Paying attention to sketches and contours in styling and paying attention to sculptural characters is a symbol of neoclassical fashion. With the resurgence of the retro style, the velvety delicate and full of classical charm and pearly texture have become the hottest makeup choices of the season.

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