Dong Qing "hosted" skin care trilogy

Knowing that Dong Qing was busy with work, her parents even had to call her to think about it for a long time. She was not afraid that she was recording a program. She was afraid that she had just finished recording the rest of the program. Dong Qing said that it was particularly uncomfortable to think of this. Dong Qing, who is busy with work, is really working on skin care. Emotion has always been very focused on diet .
Dong Qing, who is born with clear skin, admits that he will never ignore the importance of the day after tomorrow. "Although I am naturally white, I still pay attention to the maintenance of the day after tomorrow, and I have the results. I didn't know the importance of sunscreen at the beginning. It leaves a lot of freckles on the skin, and it is more unsightly on the skin of the white sputum. And my skin is very sensitive, so be careful when choosing a whitening product." She said, "Innocently, when I was young, I thought the freckles were cute and not protective. I finally got my wish to become a freckle, causing sunburn and even makeup. My skin was dry and old, not like a girl's skin." After eating a big loss, Dong Qing learned, and fixed in the morning and evening. Three steps of skin care: clean, tighten, moisturize .
Diet is light and diligent in conservation. In addition to diligent care, skin care and diet are also related to living habits. She eats less meat, drinks more water, and stays away from secondhand smoke and ultraviolet light. In addition, her work schedule is very regular, although she slept late, but never reversed day and night.
Fresh and generous maintenance concept Dong Qing's makeup is fresh and natural and stable. She is never lazy, but she does not advocate too much to do too much on her face. Her skincare routine twice in the morning and evening only takes 5 to 10 minutes. It is most important at night, and once or twice a week, the eye mask and mask are used again.
Step 1, gentle cleansing products: wash the sleeping gas, retain the moisture needed for the daytime facial cleanser, and the difference used in the evening. I slept for one night. Although my face was greasy and had a dull feeling after nighttime keratin metabolism, there was no external dust and my face was basically very clean. In addition, the body continues to evaporate water at night, the skin in the morning is actually in a state of hunger and thirst, the wash is too clean, and the remaining water is taken away, the face is tight and dry, but there is no awake, refreshing feeling. Choose a facial cleanser with medium foaming power and mild cleansing power.
Step 2, abandon the lotion, light emulsion on the field is still basic. Just change the general face washing, cleansing and moisturizing into high-performance skin care products with high c/p value, so that the maintenance efficiency is doubled. When you are at leisure on the weekend, take a mask, exfoliate, and fully power your muscles!
Step3, high coefficient refreshing sunscreen, five minutes to get a good skin color What is bb cream? Good push even, concealer effect is natural, but also has a maintenance effect, sunscreen effect, just wipe it before going out, there will be a nude makeup like a good complexion . However, some bb cream's sun protection factor is not high, it is really distressing, then you can use "high coefficient refreshing sunscreen", the two will be mixed in the hands first, you can get a beautiful skin color and high coefficient sunscreen at a time.

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