Expert advice: Drink as much water as possible away from plastic bottles

Mr. Chen Hongsen, who lives in Mawei District, Fuzhou, bought a family car six years ago. Normally, the transfer of mineral water into the trunk of a car is a normal thing for Mr. Chen. Recently, the statement that "water bottle carcinogens" has been uploaded on the Internet has caused Chen Chen to fear. Is the water bottle causing cancer? In what circumstances does it cause harm to the human body?

“Is the temperature of the bottled mineral water in the car going to exceed 70°C for a long time? Will the riders empty the bottle of mineral water to drink?” In this regard, the Director of the National Key Course of Integrative Medicine and the Director of Oncology of Fuzhou General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region Ouyang Xuenong, chief physician, pointed out that various types of cancer-causing theories are rampant. Today, this can't be eaten. It can't be touched tomorrow. It seems like every day is threatened by cancer. In fact, most of these “carcinogenic reports” are controversial, and there is often no clear science report or quantitative analysis of experimental research to confirm the specific content and how long it takes to cause cancer, so people do not need to be overly jealous.

Plastic bottle materials can be harmful to the human body, mainly because of the small molecular additives such as antioxidants, plasticizers, etc. In the process of using such small molecules, if they are exposed to heat or for a long time, they will slowly be released from polymer materials such as mineral water bottles. At present, it is generally considered that mineral water bottles are exposed to sunlight and are easily deformed when the temperature exceeds 70°C, which may release carcinogens and cause health problems to the body. However, there is still no accurate and quantitative conclusion of carcinogenic analysis. Under the circumstance of mastering its material properties, people are safe and prudent to use it rationally. There is no need to talk about cancer discoloration.

"Only relative security, there is no absolute security." Can not simply paste the "carcinogen" label on the mineral water bottle, the main problem is that it is not scientific use, only the risk of cancer. At present, the "Marking of Plastic Products" stipulates the codes and abbreviations of various plastic materials, but these are only recommendations and are not mandatory. In general, the bottom of a bottle of mineral water is marked with “PET”, which means that it uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate). When PET encounters oil esters or alcohol products, it is prone to produce carcinogenic substance "phthalate" (DEHP), which means that it is not suitable to hold plastic bottles of oil, chili powder, soy sauce, and white wine. This kind of mineral water bottle is a one-time, the state stipulates that enterprises can not be recycled, could not be reused.

"Of course, such a high degree of concern is a good thing, at least to remind people to follow a standard, safe lifestyle." Ouyang Xuenong, chief physician said that in hot weather, it is best to leave too much mineral water on the car, even if there is To finish drinking in a short period of time, do not directly pour boiling water into the water bottle. If the bottle is exposed to sunlight or stored in a hot environment for an extended period of time, and smells odors in the bottle, it is best not to drink water from the bottle. Conversely, plastic products should not be kept in the refrigerator for a long time, especially in the freezer. Low temperatures can lead to plastic degradation and increase the risk of harmful chemicals entering the food. When thawing, it is best to remove the plastic bag or take it out of the food container.

In addition, even if the kettle, space cup, bottle, etc., made of polycarbonate and other materials, it is also very easy to release the toxic substance BPA at high temperatures, as harmful to the human body. If you must stay away from plastic bottles, it is recommended that you choose glass, stainless steel, enamel, and other materials to drink water, which is relatively safer.

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