Talking about the Food Hygiene and Safety in the Packaging Process

Some consumers think that as long as there is no problem with the packaged food, it is safe to buy it without worrying about packaging. Some consumers think that even if there is a problem with the packaging, there will not be any major problems with the food, so they will not take it into consideration. In addition to consumers ignoring the safety of food packaging bags, the existing "management vacuum" is also an important reason for the "package killer" invading consumers. For example, the health department is responsible for the environment, and the quality inspection is the manufacturer. The business administration is the market, and the most critical use of the “packaging” has become three areas.

How to ensure food safety? On a large scale, we must do two things. The first is to strengthen the inspection system of food production enterprises. The inspection system is a management system that ensures that purchased raw materials, additives, packaging materials and containers meet quality requirements. Inspections must have standards, procedures, content, and methods. The contents of the inspection may be inspection of sensory, physical and chemical, microbiological and other quality indicators, and may also be verification of inspection certificates, inspection reports, production licenses, and the like. The second is to strengthen the inspection and supervision of food packaging. The inspection and supervision work must go forward at the customs gate to prevent unqualified food from flowing into the market and endanger the society.

In the usual tests, the total number of colonies exceeded the standard and it has always been one of the major problems in packaging. In food packaging workshops, the lack of knowledge about sanitation and hygiene among food companies is one of the major factors. The disinfection expert Zhou Liqin suggested that: to do a good job in the packaging of food safety and health require the use of a lot of disinfection equipment, employees into the packaging workshop, should use automatic induction hand disinfection machine hand disinfection, to ensure that the hands in contact with the packaging workshop Department of health issues, in the packaging workshop should use Nicoler principle of dynamic air disinfection equipment to achieve a man-machine working environment, after work, employees should use ultraviolet light, ozone disinfection of the packaging workshop (some manufacturers need 24 hours production , then a dynamic air sterilizer is essential. Only with comprehensive sterilization and disinfection measures, will the products produced by enterprises not be plagued by health problems and increase their competitiveness in the market environment.

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