Crystal Gloss Fingerprint Features

Crystalline luster refers to a substance that is crystal-like in the printed material or in the transparent ink layer. In the daylight or the light incident angle changes, can produce a brilliant and colorful sparkling special effects.

Crystalline gloss printing is generally achieved using two processes. One is to first put the ink on the printing medium with a higher viscosity to form an adhesive layer, and then move the printed product to a heat source for drying. The crystalline flash body substance is mostly formed of particles that are colored after the polyester sprayed metal layer is colored, or formed by crushing with a special flash fiber. The other method is to mix the crystalline flash body with a binder to contain the surface of the microparticles as an ink, which is directly transferred to the printed product by printing means. In general, the dry sprinkling method can use coarse crystalline flash bodies, and its flash effect is better. However, because the particles are easy to float and fly, the work scene is dirty and the operation is troublesome, and it is not suitable for large-scale production. Ink printing methods, although the printing process is simple, hygienic, and suitable for mass production. However, due to the fact that the flash crystal is contained by the ink layer and the factors such as ink transfer are also taken into consideration, the crystal body cannot select too coarse particles, and its flash effect is also relatively poor. Because these two methods must make the surface of the printed product to form a certain thickness of ink layer to achieve the effect of crystal luster, so it is particularly suitable for screen printing process production.

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