Autumn and winter decoration, furniture, latent formaldehyde pollution, neglect

I believe many owners know that there may be pollution in newly renovated houses. But how serious is this pollution? Recently, some media reports: The City Building Science Research Institute said that 80% of the newly renovated homes they tested were seriously polluted. Among them, the substances exceeding the standard are mainly formaldehyde and benzene.

According to industry insiders, there will be pollution in newly renovated houses, generally including paint, flooring and furniture. Especially for furniture, if the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard, the damage will be long-lasting. Therefore, the experts remind the owners of friends, set the wardrobe and other furniture, it is best to go to the well-known large manufacturers, the quality is more guaranteed.

New homes are seriously polluted, and unqualified furniture is one of the sources.

Why do you pay attention to the quality of the furniture you buy or customize? Because if the quality of the furniture is unqualified, the damage can be as long as 3-20 years!

Generally speaking, if you do not pay attention to ventilation during renovation, the paints, paints, furniture, etc. used may cause harmful substances to exceed the standard and affect the air quality in the room. Furniture of unqualified quality has now become one of the important sources of pollution. If the amount of formaldehyde released from the furniture sheet exceeds the standard, the release cycle may reach 3-15 years, causing long-term effects on the family.

Formaldehyde is harmful, consumers should not be disdainful

For various reasons, many owners have little concern about where to make furniture and how to make furniture. In addition, in the decoration of the autumn and winter season, due to the relatively low temperature, many people do not pay much attention to indoor ventilation.

Health experts say this is very bad. Harmful gases such as formaldehyde are concentrated indoors. If it is light, it may make people feel uncomfortable. If it is serious, it may cause people with chronic respiratory diseases, allergies, nasopharyngeal cancer, uremia and other cancers, causing infertility and pregnant women. Abortion, fetal malformation, etc., the damage is quite large.

Experts remind everyone that in order to reduce the air pollution in the room, on the one hand, we must pay attention to frequent window ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation. On the other hand, when customizing furniture, it is best to go to large manufacturers, and the quality and service are more secure.

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