Low-carbon environmental protection "paper furniture" became a new favorite

A few days ago, the incident of "paper furniture doors" on the left and right sofas made many consumers pay attention to this new type of furniture.

It is reported that the paperboard of paper furniture mainly uses honeycomb panels, which are not easy to be deformed due to its unique structure. Lightweight and compact, saving material costs and lower prices.

It is understood that the use of honeycomb paper for panel furniture can reduce the formaldehyde content. Moreover, it can be recycled and reused. If it is discarded, it can be naturally degraded and absorbed.

However, compared with traditional wood furniture, paper furniture has a short life span and relatively low bearing capacity. This is also determined by its characteristics. However, it is in line with the low-carbon environmental protection advocated by the furniture industry and has a certain market in the market. With the understanding of consumers, the future of paper furniture will get better and better.

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