Mysterious temptation golden brown makeup winter warmth

This winter will not draw makeup? This year's popular heavy color, today, I recommend a "golden brown makeup" for everyone, and attend the holiday party at the end of the year, it is absolutely bright!


Maple leaf

If you use golden eyeshadows for the Orientals, it is easy to make your eyes look puffy with a little carelessness. Therefore, if it is double eyelids, focus on the color of the double eyelid lines. On the contrary, if it is a single eyelid, apply a darker gold.


Gold leaf cheeks

The golden color of the face exudes a mysterious atmosphere. Through the action of light and shadow, the golden makeup is full of magical mysterious temperament. Not only in the eyes, but the entire face is mysterious through a large area of ​​smudged gold, making the cheeks more shiny.

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