Silver ink composition and its application

The main material of silver ink is "silver" powder, which is exactly a silvery aluminum powder. The difference in the particle size of the silver powder, the resulting metallic luster is not the same. The coarse silver particles have a stronger reflection and luster; on the other hand, the fine silver particles have a weaker reflection gloss. The number of silver powders in the silver ink for printing is generally 400 to 1000 mesh. In other words, silver ink formulated with 1000-mesh silver powder has a relatively poor metallic color effect, and 400-mesh silver powder-modified silver ink has a good metallic gloss and is suitable for printing large-area products. The proportion of silver powder is relatively small, and Yizi floats in the liquid, and the hiding power is stronger than that of the spectral color ink. Its chemical properties are stable, its light and heat reflection properties are good, its heat resistance is also good, and its discoloration is not easy under high temperature conditions. However, the silver powder is not acid-resistant. When it encounters acidic substances, it will start a chemical reaction, which will reduce the metallic luster of the imprint. Therefore, this feature should be taken into account when transferring ink and printing. Neutral auxiliary materials are used for ink transfer. The ink used for printing gold and silver is not the same as ordinary ink. Gold ink is made by mixing copper powder and zinc powder in proportion and adding gold oil. Silver ink is made of aluminum powder plus silver oil. The main silver ink particles differ greatly from the properties (physical and chemical properties) and general inks. The characteristics of gold and silver powders are:

1 Large particles. The main and silver ink particles have a diameter of 2-3 times that of general pigments.

2 Poor adhesion, almost no absorption properties of Jintong granules and binders are only adsorbed by the glaze of the binder.

3 Lively chemistry. Gold and silver encounter oxygen, carbon, and sulfur in the air and change color and lose their original light.

4 The reaction of aluminum and zinc is amphoteric (oxidative and reductive) and is easy to affinity with water.

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