The overall furniture market encourages independent innovation

At present, the phenomenon of product plagiarism in the furniture market is more serious. The furniture committee should encourage independent research and development to combat plagiarism and imitation, so as to fundamentally reverse the current dilemma of the industry, furniture companies can launch products that are both good and popular. The entire industry continues to develop, strengthen exchanges, and expand the market.

There is no such thing as a single brand in the furniture market. The industry of large furniture in China is not only a few leading enterprises, but also requires the entire industry to work together.

The furniture special committee should also organize more industry forums to strengthen exchanges between enterprises, especially the exchanges between senior managers and designers, and promote and develop together.

All in all, the overall furniture market has gradually revealed its leading momentum, but it is not all the way to frank, only independent innovation can continue to develop. We believe that it may not take too long, the overall furniture will create one after another hot sales miracle, become another growth point of the home industry.

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