Evaluation: A new lotus leaf functional ecological paint

Decorative home lotus leaf paint

The first impression of Lotus Leaf Paint for Xiaobian is beautiful, communicating with the artistic conception in advertising. This paint is suitable for interior wall decoration and ceiling and plasterboard in residential, hospital and various buildings. The paint is beautifully packaged, with no irritating odor, and the home decoration does not have to worry about the health of the family.

Lotus leaf paint evaluation

The decorative home lotus leaf paint has a good smoothness after use. Xiao Bian feels that the overall beauty is an important part of the home decoration. The scrubbing after the use of the paint is also convenient, the surface is flat and the cleanliness is crucial.

The decorative home lotus leaf paint is both environmentally friendly and practical, and adopts the most advanced scientific research technology to better bring convenience to our consumers. The paint film has excellent ultra-low pollution, smooth and delicate, health and environmental protection, high scrub resistance, long-lasting decorative effect, and easy to clean antibacterial and mildewproof. According to Xiaobian, the lotus leaf paint is an interior wall latex paint, and the price is on the middle. Consumers can use it according to their actual situation.

  • Great for birthday parites and other party activities.
  • Each batch of products patterns may be different.
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