High quality labeling and plastic blowing technology

This was a challenge for Bossa Nova Superfruits Co. LLC, which was located in Los Angeles, California two years ago, and it helped unveil the packaging operations update and continues to this day. The shift from glass packaging to plastic packaging may provide some logistics and convenience benefits, but it may also be a difficult transition for a brand image that relies on good images on glass bottles. The problem is that the Bossa Nova bottle has its uniqueness, and the shape of the inverted exclamation mark is difficult to transform and fill. At that time, the company's packaging machines were used to fill Bossa Nova glass bottles with their metal lids. The packaging machines were not prepared to fill PET bottles of the same shape.

Move to internal bottling line

The New Jersey bottling plant is a perfect match for Bossa Nova. In addition to having the technology to aseptically fill its flexural bottles, the plant is located near the Amcor Hard Plastics Plant, near Allentown, PA, where the conversion of the new PET bottles is performed and the Bossa Nova and SDBC bottling applications are applied before the containers are placed on the packaging line Win a sustainable supply. Today, beverages are bottled at Sunny Delight Beverages Co., Ltd., a company that has facilities in Dayton, New Jersey. The high-acid, aseptic line equipment is mainly from Krones in the United States. It is specifically designed to fill this type of product. Dan Sileo, vice president of manufacturing at Sunny Delight Beverages Co., Ltd. (SDBC), emphasized this fact.
"This is a newly designed high acid sterile PET bottling line," he said. "This is not a change from something else." The production line was originally installed two and a half years ago for the production of an SDBC product - the company still develops its market. Sileo explained that since then, it has demonstrated excellent overcapacity, despite the fact that a large number of bottles are filled in SDBC's internal beverage production line, as well as packaging customers' products that are contracted with it.
Integrated Labeling System
The neck label uses a one-component construction with up to 14 color print options for color. The packaging business team is currently testing the label performance and packaging line to make adjustments. At the time of publication, the project went well and the system is expected to be fully online in December 2010. SDBC plans to use the system's label hanging around its neck, about 50% of all Bossa Nova's bottled products at its factory in New Jersey.
The Protag system has been developed as a high-speed production line and is available as an integrated label and applicator package. Protag applicator is a self-contained unit with double-roll feeding labels. The automatic switching function of the machine helps ensure continuous operation.
Sabelnik explained: "Because it is a small, different mark than we used in the past, we are testing the materials to make sure they keep their appearance and they don't wrinkle or bleeding in color. Clearly, the bottles in the chiller have been Many times, so you can get condensation. "
Committed to high quality
The bottle is compressed into a Krones Volumetric VODM-PET filling machine with 80 filling valves and 24 capping heads. In the filler, the bottle is injected with peracetic acid in a steam carrier to sterilize the disinfectant to all corners of the bent bottle. After sterilization, the bottle is rinsed and inverted.
Only unadorned PET bottles were blown onto the pallets of the SDBC bottling plant. A Busse/SJI Corp. W5002 depalletizer system scanned the bottles to the conveyor system. The conveyor system sent the packages to a Lanfranchi SRL machine. The unscrambler directs the bottles to a single file and sends them to the airveyor, which airveyor conveys the neck of the bottle.
The PET bottles are picked up with a pitch for transfer to the clamp holding the neck bottle starwheel and flushed from the air. The bottle is inverted and oscillated over 180 degrees to start the rinsing process. The nozzle is placed directly on the bottle mouth.
At Sunny Delight Beverages Ltd.'s South Carolina, New Jersey plant, Paul Sabelnik, head of aseptic production operations, pointed out that bottle flushing sounds like a simple operation with little room for development - but it is not. .
SDBC's Krones Variojet system uses air and water to achieve the benefits of sustainable development. The dual nozzle system allows SDBC to use less water for more full flushing.
Water is sprayed into the bottle first. Then, the system uses air to blow out all the water droplets. In addition, water with air can help reach some of the more difficult parts of the bottle for flushing. Before being transferred to the discharge star wheel, the bottle is rinsed, dried, and returned to the upright position.
Sileo explained that the filling machine then dispenses the juice through the laminar filling nozzle, which provides additional benefits when filling the juice with no contact between the filling nozzle and the bottle.
Sileo explained: “Basically, each bottle has pictures taken from three different angles. Compare these photos with the standards to ensure the correct fill height, the correct cap position, etc. If the bottle cap is higher Little bit or awkward, the system will detect and kick out the bottle, so we keep the speed of 600 bottles/minute, the camera only needs to take a picture of each bottle and compare it with the standard of each bottle on the computer. The entire system is also related to the capping machine.Therefore, as the bottle cap is being supplied, if the system detects any errors, if an upper bound jumps its thread to speak the jaws flip the capper itself, it will reject the bottle.”
"The bottle is kept in control at the neck throughout the filling process," he said. "This is a very clean filling operation. We can get a very consistent volume filling effect without blistering and spillage."
At the same time, the external system provided by Diversey company sterilized the caps, which was the first time they were flooded with the tops turned up. The caps are then blown dry with sterile air, sorted, and transferred to the filler module ready for use. Immediately after capping, each bottle was coded to indicate the corresponding filling nozzle and capper head for each particular bottle.
The bottle will then be checked for quality using Krones Checkmat 731. In addition to checking for raised and tilted caps, Krones Checkmat 731 also provides visual inspection to ensure filling height.
The bottles that pass the quality check are transferred to a Krones Accutower, which provides a dynamic bottler buffer. An additional 160 seconds of accumulation allow SDBC's packaging engineer to solve any minor problems that may occur without stopping the downstream of the production line.
The bottle was then transferred to PS labeling, which was refurbished by MTS. Each bottle is held at its top and bottom, and then rotated and placed back before the PS polypropylene label.
The PS labeling method from the previous bottle decoration, which is screen printing, is a very recent improvement and can be seen in the photos accompanying this article. "Through our tests, we determined that the ink is rather porous and may be a good harbor for hidden bacteria and yeast, making it difficult to sterilize a bottle on the outside," Sileo explained.
Removing the screen printing decoration, he added, eliminates potential microbial contamination points while helping to reduce costs and improve graphics. "Actually, "We bypassed and sent the steam tunnel bottles to get better shrinkage," Sabelnik explained. "We don't want to force the air heaters to be uneven, shrink the band, and ultimately bigger with some in the band than others." Perforation holes. It's nice to have a piercing, but you don't necessarily see it unless you're close. " We can improve a bottle of graphics," he pointed out. "The screen printing is so expensive that they manage the upper layer with limited colors. We can really get more colors with the PS tags." Cha Shuford, the main engineer for SDBC packaging development, also added the PS label, provided by the Walle company, It also reduces material costs and provides more flexibility to change the bottle's graphics.
The marked bottles have a very decorative shrink band applied by Krones Garantomatic to their neck. Heat-shrinking material is taken from the reel, supplied by the conveyor roller film supply unit, and then labeled at the station. The movie sleeves lay flat and opened, as it is pulled in a mandrel. Can be applied horizontally perforated here. The now opened sleeves are pressed into the container to occur in the transfer of the starwheel held in the first, then a rotating blade to reduce the required length. Accurately positioning the strap placed on such a contraction strap is made up of a timing belt. Garantomatic comes standard with hot air tunnels, but SDBC found that it is not the best solution for this application.
From the Krones Shrinkmat Steam Tunnel, the bottle is laser-marked with an expiration date or best date as well as Connecticut's license number. "This is a very specific type of code or license, Sileo explained." "So we have applied to Connecticut every year and we have 5 unique codes in North American facilities each."
The bottles are then moved to the Krones Variopac Pro tray packer. "The next Nessie machine folds the bottle around, creating a finished product tray that feeds into the tray blank," Sabelnik explained. "These are folded cartons around the bottle, then get the expiration date and batch number code and place a clear overwrap and the tray shrinks around."
At the time of publication, Bossa Nova was mainly counting 12 bottles of 10 oz. But SDBC is considering other options. "We have the ability to do many different configurations," Sabelnik explained. "Customers told us that they prefer a smaller case. Therefore, when we move to an organic certified product, we will move to eight cases."
Finished pallets travel FKI logistics conveyor (now Intelligrated) A-910 pallets to create product pallets. A fully automatic Robopac SISTEMI spiral HS30 protection tray with PE stretch film. The system uses a swivel arm to stretch around a static pallet package and helps eliminate any product during the packaging process, regardless of the risk of a drop in the rotation speed of the load arm. It can be as large as 1200 x 1200 mm and 2000 mm in standard trays for large pallets.
The way forward
In addition, with a new structure, decoration and bottling production line, Bossa Nova will be changed by several more at the end of the year. “We just obtained organic certification from QAI (Quality Assurance International Organic Certification),” said Sileo. “SDBC expects to produce and package organic certified products in the coming weeks.
The packaging business team is also joining RayPress Corp. Bossa Nova. A Protag neck hanger for applicator has put the neck label on the bottle manually, but Sileo said the automation task improves work efficiency and increases productivity.
He said that at the moment, the label on the neck hangs up to the need or staff to go out and put the temporary staff of the product's retailer on the shelf and the chiller's labeling facility. In addition to inefficiencies, the hand-tagged application can provide additional problems for people accidentally knocking bottles down. Especially in high-speed filling and packaging environment troubles.

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