"Formaldehyde door" warns that the quality of furniture building materials needs to be improved

Since the outbreak of the “formaldehyde door” of Anxin floor on February 16th, the incident has continued to fertilize in just a few days. Although the final test report has not yet come out, it involves many well-known real estate enterprises such as Vanke, Zhonghai and Greenland and ten million households. The incident was highly regarded by the media and the public.

Vanke said, “The emergency investigation procedure has been initiated, and all the purchased batches of Anxin flooring have been fully reviewed, including all the installed batches of Anxin flooring, which are included in the scope of re-inspection. The first batch of inspection results will be reported in It will be obtained in about 10 days, and will be disclosed to the public at the first time. Before confirming the results of the investigation, Vanke will suspend the purchase of Anxin flooring, seal the purchased uninsulated floor, and conduct internal investigations on relevant procurement management. Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors, stated that “once the product problem is discovered, Vanke will assume full responsibility and safeguard consumer rights. Even if 1% is wrong, it is 100% for consumers.” Due to the positive response of Vanke, the initiative promised to take responsibility, the media for Vanke Not too much accusation.

According to the official website of Anxin Floor, Anxin and Vanke Group, China Shipping Group, Greenland Group, Forte Group, Chongqing Longhu, R&F Properties, Hebei Kaiyuan, Shanghai Chengtou, Greentown Group, Yanlord Real Estate and other top 100 Chinese real estate companies formed a strategy. Partner. It is worth noting that, from the official website of Anxin Floor, in the VIP area, the “Project Case” and “Engineering Cooperation” columns show “No relevant information”, and the relevant partner directory has been deleted. In response to this, in addition to Vanke, Longhu, other manufacturers rarely respond positively, which is thought-provoking.

Up to now, there has been no authoritative test results on the “formaldehyde door” of Anxin Floor. With the results of the surveys being released, there are still many uncertainties in the direction of the matter. However, as a leading company in the field of flooring, Anxin Floor has repeatedly proved that the products meet the national standards in this crisis treatment, but did not come up with strong test data to prove that there is no better way to win the public opinion. Some media quoted the floor industry insiders as saying that Anxin flooring has been taking the low-price route in the domestic market, and even has the title of “price butcher”. The person also said that a well-known unspoken rule in the decoration and decoration industry is the problem of "A goods" and "B goods". The so-called "A goods" refers to products that are generally more expensive in the circulation field but relatively reliable in quality. "B goods" are special products. These products are usually supplied to developers with large demand, relying on price to win, but Floors of the same brand and specifications have large differences in materials and workmanship. The exposure of the unspoken rules of the industry has added to the concerns of the media and public opinion.

Since furniture, building materials and other products are closely related to people's daily lives, their quality and safety have always been a concern. According to media reports, in recent years, the quality inspection data of furniture products issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the local quality supervision departments, the quality qualification rate of furniture products has been hovering around 70% for a long time, while the unqualified items of furniture quality mainly focus on the excessive release of formaldehyde. .

In recent years, there have been frequent incidents of formaldehyde exceeding the standard in the field of furniture and building materials. The outbreak of “formaldehyde door” on Anxin floor has once again sounded the alarm for furniture and building materials enterprises. On the one hand, formaldehyde exceeds the standard, which is related to the health of residents, and there is no possibility of any loss on this issue. Now is the era of oversupply of products. Inferior products are more and more difficult to stand on the market. On the other hand, enterprises are paying more and more attention to building brands. Branding is also an inevitable choice for enterprise development, and product quality is the lifeline of brands. Product quality issues, especially human-related quality issues, are almost zero tolerant to consumers and the market.

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