Lazy girl fast and effective makeup

Every girl wants to have a beautiful face, but there are also girls who don’t like makeup in the beautiful girls. Some of them are not afraid of the harm of cosmetics to the skin, but feel that makeup is very troublesome and always pay attention to their own. Make-up, but also to go to the "secret" corner to make up the makeup, it is really a headache ~ ~ Xiaobian help you collect a few quick and effective makeup method!



1. Remove grease

To deal with the nose makeup, first use the oil-absorbing paper with strong oil absorption and high softness to press the oil.

2. Press loose powder

Use a puff to pour the powder, press the method to press the powder into the texture of the skin, and finish the mirror to see if it is even.



1. Wipe the smudge part

First, moisten the cotton swab slightly and wipe off the mascara on the lower eyelid.

2. Put on loose powder

Then fold the sponge puff on the powder. Press the lower eyelid evenly with the corners and fill the powder that was just wiped off. Be careful not to stick the powder on the eyelashes.

Lip makeup

Lip makeup

1. Press the lip color

Apply a thin layer of meat pink lipstick and then gently press with your fingertips to make the lips absorb the color well.

2. Apply lip gloss

Apply a shiny lip gloss, even if you take off your makeup, your lips will not be bloodless. Remember to maintain your lips regularly.

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