Metallic eye makeup captures the opposite sex at first sight

In the spring and summer, we should throw away the thick coat and show off our fascinating figure. At the same time, we need a combination of clear nude makeup and sexy eye shadow. The color of the eye makeup is subtly blended with metallic color. The overall makeup is closer to life, no longer like the traditional smoke to leave a sense of distance. Let's take a look at the three most popular metal eye makeup demonstrations by European and American people.

Metal smoky makeup

Metal smoky makeup

Smoked makeup

In the eye shadow, the black eyeliner is still drawn along the root of the eyelashes, until the crease of the upper eyelid, while using the fingers to smudge, which creates a base color for the eye shadow, and then painted on the eye shadow and the lower eye line. Silvery black glitter, if the silver powder falls to the face, you can use a transparent tape to quickly remove excess powder, while the lips are coated with baby powder to better highlight the sexy and sharp eyes.

Makeup recommendation

Makeup recommendation

Makeup recommendation:

1.MAC monochrome eye shadow, $20

2.EsteeLauder Pure Eyeshadow Powder, $24

3.MAC lipstick, $15

4.Smashbox without flowers and charms, $22

5. Chanel nail polish, $25

6.DeborahLippmann nail polish, $18

Blue metal cat eye makeup

Blue metal cat eye makeup

2. Cat eye makeup

To create this glamorous eye makeup, first use a blue eyeliner to draw the eyeliner along the root of the upper eyelashes, while extending the outer corner of the eye for a quarter of the length, then apply a blue matte eye shadow to the upper eyelid, not more than The creases of the eyelids are then filled with blue eyeshadows at the outer corners of the eyes to create the effect of the cat's eye makeup. At the same time, a metallic blue eye shadow is swept in the middle of the upper eyelid to increase the luminous effect of the fiber and apply a rose lipstick.

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