Meng Xiangping, a city person: Controlling the basic decoration is the bottom line of the industry.

Meng Xiangping, general manager of Shijiazhuang Branch of City People's Decoration

[Reporter]: Generally speaking, in terms of Sogou, design, construction, main materials and other decoration links, what is the proportion of the basic decoration part in the overall cost?

[Meng Xiangping]: In fact, this ratio is not particularly fixed, and it needs to be based on the requirements of customers. For example, the ratio of general construction and main materials in the basic decoration is 1:1. The high-end is about 1:2 or even 1:3, mainly depends on For the customer's own positioning.

[Reporter]: Is the construction cost of urban people fixed? Can you use better materials if you spend more?

[Meng Xiangping]: Our unit price and materials are fixed alumni records. The simple decoration and high-cost decoration basic materials are the same. The price level depends on the design content, style positioning, and more and less style.

[Reporter]: Does the usual promotion involve construction materials?

[Meng Xiangping]: The positioning of materials is always unchanged, and the material positioning is higher than that of competitors in the same industry. There will be no lower quality standards due to price concessions.

[Reporter]: Basic decoration is the most common part of consumer complaints,, similar to wall empty drums, pipeline leaks and other issues have occurred. How do you see this situation? How to avoid?

[Meng Xiangping]: In fact, similar to the common problems in the house when the house is empty, we avoid this: before the construction, hire a third-party supervision company to do an acceptance check on the whole building. If there is a similar problem, we are I have to ask in advance. In the early stage, the property and the developer will cooperate with the repair of Sogou, so on a large scale, it avoids the problems that arise in the later construction.

There is a perfect after-sales system for maintenance. From the first day of construction, there will be a return visit once a week, and there will be follow-up visits in the key nodes until the completion. A return visit after half a year after the two-year warranty period stipulated by the state. (Two years of engineering, five years of water and electricity warranty). There is a centralized maintenance every year after the end of heating.

[Reporter]: What is your opinion on the way to hire third-party supervision?

[Meng Xiangping]: At the beginning, the focus was on decorating the home network. The urban people were internally supervised. Later, the third-party supervision was hired from the perspective of the customer. Third-party supervisors will be more impartial, and internal self-contained supervision will more or less avoid internal shelter.

[Reporter]: There is media exposure. The formal decoration company also has contracted the construction of the “road guerrillas” without construction qualifications. What do you think of this?

[Meng Xiangping]: As the industry becomes more and more formalized, large decoration companies basically put an end to this phenomenon. Large companies have relatively large customer base and high market share, so large companies are capable of bearing The cost of the engineering team, if handed over to the guerrillas to do Tianlong Babu, is very risky for the company.

Because there are third-party supervision, it is not up to you to decide whether the quality of the urban people's engineering is qualified. All quality standards are done in accordance with national regulations, and all professional data is used to speak.

[Reporter]: Please give consumers some suggestions on basic decoration.

[Meng Xiangping]: Try to choose a regular decoration company alumni record. At present, there are many kinds of home improvement companies, such as personal studios. As a home improvement company, it must have dual qualifications for construction and design. This qualification is not only the industry standard but also the condition for assessing whether a company is formal. Therefore, everyone should go to the Engineering Co., Ltd. sogou. This kind of company has the ability to design and construct. Secondly, it depends on the contract. This contract is issued by the assembly association. The two formal contracts are supervised by the Trade and Industry Bureau. Finally, the big brands are found. The company has a credit guarantee, and secondly, it has a relatively perfect after-sales service, and it can also provide a relatively assured guarantee in terms of construction quality.

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