How to standardize the furniture industry as a competitive tool to enhance international trade

In today's information society, the standardization level of enterprises as the main players of the market directly affects the competitiveness of enterprises. In the 21st century, the market for the survival of the fittest competes with the economy, forcing enterprises to continuously win the management standardization of furniture-enhanced enterprises, to achieve scientific management and modern management, and to improve competitiveness. This will enable enterprises to continue to earnestly grasp product standardization and technical standardization. At the same time, we attach importance to and strengthen the management standardization of all enterprises. With the expansion and development of international trade, standardization has become an important tool for competition in the international market.

The level of standardization is a reflection of the level of national science and technology and economic development, and it is also an important indicator of the level of management of a country and enterprises. The life of an enterprise lies in its quality. The guarantee of quality lies in scientific management. An important content and method of scientific management is standardization. Standardization is the crystallization of human wisdom and a summary of experience. It is a management technology and operation method that is more economical, more standardized, and more consistent with the laws of things. Looking at the world, which high-growth modern enterprise is not a high-standard enterprise in many aspects such as management, research, production, sales and service services! If quality is the life of an enterprise, standardization is the soul of the enterprise. In the past few years, a series of anti-dumping incidents that our furniture industry has suffered have given us a vivid lesson – we don’t understand the rules of the game, only passive beatings. Standardization has become the core of furniture business management. For furniture companies, the needs of customers are standard, and the basis for quality is first and foremost. It is necessary to take the standardization as the core to truly focus on customers, quality and economic efficiency. Standardization also requires a process. The process of formulating, implementing and continuously improving standards is the process of continuously improving quality, improving management level and improving economic efficiency, that is, the process of standardizing the soul of the enterprise. It is a process of continuously optimizing and constantly improving the object and itself, that is, A process that enables the company to continue to develop and coordinate the development of society. Therefore, the core of enterprise management is the historical necessity of social and economic development.

In terms of standardization, most domestic domestic companies are in a state of 'no movement'; while Taiwan-funded enterprises, US-funded enterprises and Japanese-funded enterprises have inherited their enthusiasm for standardized application from their parent enterprises. The biggest crisis for Chinese companies lies in the poverty of knowledge. Although the situation and methods of standardization, such as 'simplification' and 'series', have been applied in some enterprises in China. However, it has not been systematic, mass-oriented, and long-term. It has not become the conscious awareness of business leaders, technicians, and managers, and thus has failed to play its role in standardization in operations and production. For furniture companies, business leaders must first understand the meaning, necessity, and urgency of implementing standardization, clarify their own ideas, understand what enterprises want to achieve through standardization, and learn how to implement standardization. Then, mobilize all the personnel of the company to state the importance of standardization, and train technicians and managers through professionals to construct a sound standardized management system, formulate, improve and implement the standardized operation mechanism of the system, and publish and publicize the relevant enterprises. General standards, codes, and regulations make it easy for employees to get what they need. Starting from the current needs of enterprises to the most standardization, and through efforts, to make effective results, and promote and publicize within the enterprise, and then deepen and consolidate, it is really good at this work. Standardization can be carried out from design to production management, from product design to design management, from working time measurement to the establishment of operational specifications, from work placement to workpiece placement, from design console to pallet design, from equipment maintenance to tool placement. These are the objects of standardization and the problems that need to be solved urgently. In addition, in the service of customer service and the company's internal service awareness, we can implement standardization in dealing with various information in the market and enterprises, customers and enterprises, and within the company, and improve services under the premise of standardization and standards. Level, improve the level of informatization, accelerate the flow of valuable and simplified information within the enterprise, enable enterprises to respond to changes in an orderly, flexible and flexible manner, improve their ability to cope with change, and enhance their competitiveness.

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