Emperor standard home Peng Huan: Creating an ecological industrial park to change the traditional model

Peng Huan, General Manager of Emperor Standard Home

[Reporter] Today, our high-end interview is Mr. Peng Huan , the general manager of Emperor Standards . Hello, Mr. Peng! Recently, for the Emperor's standard home, what are the big moves of the Emperor's standard this year?

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[Peng Huan] There are two major changes to the Emperor. The first is the mechanism reform, and the second is the development model. In the whole mechanism, we adopt the joint-stock operation of the branch and classify them according to different series of products. This mode is mainly because there are many products on the market, and there is no way to do the fine work. If you follow the traditional area, a team will run all the products, so the whole professional is not high enough. Our new mechanism is to attract better talents to the team and to the products they are familiar with, so as to perfect each series and make the theme clearer.

Currently we are 9 teams, and then plan to increase to 20 branches within two years, that is, 20 sub-brands. For example, "leisure", this concept has many aspects to break through, we hope that consumers can be more relaxed and happy when buying furniture.

We have found a problem now, and consumers are very hard at buying furniture. There are only two criteria for choosing furniture. One is to look at what you like, and the other is to look at the design drawings. If you choose furniture products, you don't understand them. Second, it is difficult to find furniture, because most of them are now divided according to materials, and they are rarely distinguished by style, so consumers can find it difficult when looking for furniture. What we hope we can do is to refine the style and make the style clearer.

[Reporter] We know that Emperor Standard has always been committed to the development and manufacture of software products, so the next 20 series of products are still software products?

[Peng Huan] The software is still dominant. We will expand to 15 brands in this piece. In addition, we will also involve some solid wood products. We will consider that the solid wood products are first considered environmentally friendly, and secondly, the development space of solid wood is relatively large. So in the future we have reserved 5 series for solid wood and wood products. At this year's furniture fair, we will launch our solid wood products. It should be said that this series of products is very good from material processing to surface coating. Welcome everyone to come to our showroom to enjoy our new products. .

[Reporter] Next, I would like to ask Mr. Peng to talk about the new changes in Sichuan furniture that you have observed from the perspective of the whole industry.

[Peng Huan] It should be said that this year is the biggest change in Sichuan furniture. It should be said that the overall capacity of Sichuan furniture is currently the strongest. Coupled with the support of the government, we have also solved some core problems on the platform. It should be said that the entire industry of Sichuan furniture has been upgraded. Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park is now a commercial base, such as Xiangjiang, European City, home and home. The platform for Chengdu Furniture can't be compared with the past, and it has achieved a leap.

For ordinary consumers, purchasing is also convenient, and it is very convenient for dealers across the country. In the past, most of Chengdu was in the retail market, but now it is a wholesale distribution center, which is also a big improvement for Chengdu furniture.

[Reporter] As far as I know, Emperor Biao also participated in the Malaysian exhibition in March. Have you come back to share some of what the exhibition has seen and heard?

[Peng Huan] I think that participating in international exhibitions is actually bringing their own products and brands to a new level of competition and comparison. It should be said that participating in international exhibitions is very important for all aspects of their promotion.

[Reporter] Is there a plan to open up overseas markets?

[Peng Huan] Yes, there are currently 9 countries working with us. I personally think that the overseas market is a icing on the cake for us, a process of exercise. Our more energy will still be placed in the domestic market, because our domestic market is really huge, so we are still rooted in the domestic market. Put time and energy into developing our 20 brands and investigating how to serve our customers.

[Reporter] Many companies have made new changes this year, and some traditional home furnishing companies have also boldly tried to cross-border development. It is reported that the new industrial park of the Emperor's standard will also involve some cross-border development. Can you please tell Mr. Peng about the situation of our industrial park?

[Peng Huan] Emperor's brand new industrial park covers an area of ​​500 acres, mainly used to undertake the operation of our 20 teams in the future. This industrial park is ready to be an eco-industrial park. From design concept to material use, it reflects an environmentally friendly and natural concept. In addition to museums for consumers to observe the production process of furniture, there is also a 100-acre hotel for leisure and entertainment, changing the traditional closed mode of the factory, we hope to adopt an open mind and environment to accept consumers, let them come Visit experience.

[Reporter] How did you see this phenomenon of cross-border development of traditional furniture enterprises?

[Peng Huan] For cross-border development, I believe that enterprises should be based on a fundamental and then integrate resources. A resource needs to be better to play a better platform. This is a question we used to think about. Does the company need to upgrade or transform to a certain extent?

I think that the cross-border development of the imperial standard should be an upgrade, because the things we are doing now are all around our industrial chain. We injected a lot of effort into the Diyuan Red Bean Hotel. The first is the 1200-year-old red bean tree. There are only two trees in the Sichuan area. One is in the deep mountains of Ya'an. Only this one is considered to be tangible to the people; In addition, in the hotel you can experience our company's products and the corporate culture of the company.

[Reporter] This year, the emperor still uses Huang Xiaoming as a spokesperson. May I ask Mr. Peng, what benefits does the spokesperson bring to our brand? In addition to image advertising, what cooperation will we have with Huang Xiaoming this year?

[Peng Huan] This year is the second year of our cooperation with Xiaoming. It should be said that everyone's relationship is very good now. It is already a friend's relationship to cooperate. For so long, the two sides have cooperated and we believe that there is still a big improvement in our brand. In addition to some basic endorsement activities this year, Xiaoming’s new drama is about to be released, and we will have interaction during this period. Next to the furniture fair in July, Xiaoming will also visit the site. We have reserved a 400 square meter interactive zone for Xiaoming and his fans.

[Reporter] It seems that this year's furniture exhibition emperor will bring us a lot of surprises! Very looking forward to! Today, I also thank Mr. Peng for being our guest, thank you!

[Peng Huan] Thank you!

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