Fish farming affects Feng Shui and Fortune. Come and see.

Many friends like to raise fish. There are also many ways to raise fish in Feng Shui. Fish farming will directly affect your fortune . Let me talk about the rules about fish farming...

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1. The total number of fish purchased must be singular.

Second, a tank of fish must be inserted with a dark black fish. Only when there is stability and goodwill effect, otherwise it may not be able to survive even though it has made a fortune.

Third, the general office's financial position is in the diagonal position of the entrance door, and its financial position is suitable for the fish tank. Never place any debris, or let the corners of the floor and the floor peel. Also, don't put it in the heart of the house.

Fourth, money and wealth are in the southeast, and the success of the business is in the north, so the fish tank can be placed in the southeast or north.

5. The north belongs to the water in the five elements, and the color of the use is black and blue. Therefore, if the fish tank is placed in the north, it can be matched with blue and black silk fabrics.

6. The southeast is wood in the five elements, and the color is green. Moreover, the aquatic wood, so in the southeast with the fish tank to set the round leaves of green plants, can have a good effect.

7. Do not place a color item belonging to the five elements of the gram (fire, earth) and the azimuth in the aquarium.

8. The location of the aquarium should be kept away from the direct sunlight of the window, etc., in the dark.

Nine, such as a fish tank holding a wall, the wall can be attached to a waterfall, the sea and the like. Symbolizing the financial resources is endless and difficult to measure. Fish tanks should be kept clean and sick fish should be removed immediately.

10. It is recommended to raise seven fish, but don't count scavenger fish and other small fish. Of course, it depends on the size of the fish tank and the type of fish. The indoor aquarium fish tank has a small effect on feng shui.

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