Emotional influence: teach you love feng shui simple and practical

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Is the single person still worried about love? The accompanying love has to start from scratch, so it sorts out some simple feng shui about love, in the hope that everyone can find the other half of their lives as soon as they are married. People must also look inside the house, so as not to damage the layout of love.

1. Change the solitary objects in your family into pairs of things, such as a lovebird with a pair of flying wings, a pair of romantic beautiful table lamps, and two heart-shaped ornaments drifting to bring you love.

2. In Feng Shui, pink is the color of love, so pink things can help you retain love energy. Changing common things into pink, such as bags, nail bags, etc. will also be useful.

3. In the field of love, round and round things can definitely bring you love energy. Therefore, when you choose something, you should have a good shape. Don't choose sharp edges. If you wear a watch, please use a round one.

4. For women, the mirror of the dressing should not be rushed, because it is easy to be frightened by the reflection of the mirror when entering the bedroom. Do not look at the bedside of the mirror. Otherwise, it is easy to have nightmares or poor spirits.

5. If the deceased is like a husband, you must draw a line with the past, so, be happy, throw away the old love letters, the gifts that the lover gives you, and everything related to the lost relationship, in order to usher in a new relationship, not I will hurt myself for the past.

6. Pointy, multi-horned plants, not suitable for singles, such as cacti.

7. The single person's flower arrangement is male right female left, if it is a male student, please put it on the right hand side of the living room (in the direction of sitting in the sofa), put a bunch of flowers, can not be replaced with plastic flowers, the petals are preferably large petals The vase is preferably a porcelain bottle or a pottery bottle. It is best not to let the flowers fall off! Otherwise, the love has not been reported, but it brings disaster and illness.

8. Although black is solemn and dignified, it is detrimental to love. Singles need to avoid this color.

9. The bed is not suitable for putting flowers, this couple's feelings will be damaged. For a long time, one party has an affair.

10. Modern new buildings, some have floor-to-ceiling windows or large window structures in the bedroom. The previous Feng Shui books record that lying in bed is too close to the window, which is easy to cause "red apricots to go out of the wall". And easy to cause more dreams affect sleep, so bed can not be too close to the window,

11. Do not place large mirrors on the bedside. At the same time, indoor plants should use large leaves and broad-leaved values. It is not advisable to use small leaves and small flowers, which means that trivial matters will affect feelings.

12. Pink crystal is the most amazing effect on love. You can place a pink crystal seven-star array at home, or use a cloth bag to make a love bag with a pink crystal gravel. You can put this bag in your carry-on bag or The bedside is more effective for love.

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