The price of mahogany furniture has fallen by 20%. It is a good time to start.

Mahogany furniture has always been the furniture of choice for many people. And recently, about the recent news that the mahogany plummeted, it was rumored. Redwood, have you really fallen?

The price of mahogany furniture fell by 20%.

Recently, the news about the plunge of the redwood has been rumored, affecting the nerves of many rosewood investors and enthusiasts. Has the redwood really fallen? The reporter recently visited the city's mahogany furniture market and learned that due to the fall in the price of domestic redwood raw materials at the end of last year, the mahogany furniture market has been weak since the beginning of this spring, and the transaction volume has fallen sharply. As of the recent price of mahogany furniture market has been The general price fell by 20%.

红木家具价格普跌两成 入货正当时

The winter in the redwood market really came down? According to industry insiders, as the price of international rosewood raw materials has not fallen, the price reduction of domestic mahogany furniture is only a temporary phenomenon and the price has stabilized, and it is expected to rebound in August and September. At present, mahogany furniture is at a lower price, which is a good time to enter the goods.

Asian economy is stabilizing, mahogany furniture market is mixed

Due to the influence of the global and domestic economic environment, the Chinese mahogany furniture market has experienced a significant decline in overall sales, and SMEs are struggling. In the next year, will the market of redwoods continue to fall, or will it recover smoothly?

亚洲经济趋稳定 红木家具市场喜忧参半

China's economy is still developing at a high speed, and hard demand remains strong. A short fall is an opportunity for development. Many companies do not pay attention to brand and quality at ordinary times. They can still maintain when the environment is good. They are struggling in the face of economic downturn and have no ability to seize opportunities.

The ups and downs of economic development are normal phenomena of social development. A prepared enterprise can grasp the pulse of the overall economic development and grow rapidly with the help of economic laws. Of course, only when you do your own products and do your own brand, can you seize the opportunity and be invincible.

Expert: Buying mahogany furniture to distinguish the material is the most important

At present, traditional furniture is generally divided into two categories of solid wood and board. Mahogany furniture is the top product of solid wood furniture. In addition, there is a small amount of rattan furniture. When buying furniture, be sure to distinguish the materials, the materials are different, and the price difference is large.


The choice of panel furniture should consider environmental issues

Sheet furniture is relatively cheap and a wide variety compared to solid wood furniture. Commonly used in the market are MDF, forest board, tripolyhydrogen ammonia board and so on. A 1.8-meter double bed is priced at around 3,000 yuan. However, the problems of this kind of furniture are mostly in the environmental protection. If the furniture is made of materials such as particleboard, and the veneer and the edge are not completely wrapped, it is easy to release the formaldehyde inside and cause pollution to the environment.

Solid wood furniture is not all solid wood

The finest in solid wood furniture is the number of mahogany furniture. According to industry insiders, the current mahogany furniture is generally divided into five categories: Madagascar, rosewood, rosewood, chicken wings, black wood and pear wood. Only pears are produced in Thailand or Burma, which belong to the mahogany series. The rest are only fine wood, not mahogany. Among them, the Madagascar leaf rosewood is the most distinguished.

It is understood that mahogany furniture has a value-added effect. Because the wood is scarce, the superior mahogany needs a hundred years to grow, so the manufacturer will recycle at a price of 5% per year. It is reported that the furniture on the market with a price tag of more than 200,000 yuan has only sold more than 90,000 yuan three years ago.

Redwood breaks down the price of investment and gives you a small coup

Redwood has lost its price, and many people are optimistic about this cake. However, it is a good idea to divide this cake!

红木破格降身价 投资消费给你小妙招

Investment suggestion: Siamese rosewood cost-effective, the most investment value

In addition to the high-end lobular rosewood and red rosewood, the mid-range wood species has the best white sorrel and Burmese rosewood, and the appreciation potential is quite good.

Consumer alerts: buy mahogany furniture can be the first to buy "white stubble"

Skin hand touch method ------ feel smooth and smooth; knocking sound method ------ listening sound structure is tight; smell taste method ------ taste wood and lacquer; human body verification Method ------ self-use comfort.

Conclusion : The price of rosewood has fallen, of course, it is a good cake, but the investment consumers of mahogany must remember that mahogany is risky, and investment spending needs to be cautious!

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