How much is cork flooring?

Comfort, warmth, and environmental protection – The unique personality of cork flooring is a tempting choice for homeowners, children, or homeowners who want to set up yoga and dance spaces at home. However, although cork flooring has many advantages, it is a small group of ground materials, and many owners have some doubts. In this issue, Jinghua Home invites experts to answer common questions about cork flooring and help you to buy them.

â– Question 1

If you only want to install cork flooring in a certain room, how should you solve the problem of height difference with other rooms?

Experts answer: Zhang Health, Marketing Manager of Degao Health Home Co., Ltd. pointed out that the problem of ground height difference can be solved by using buckles. At present, there are two kinds of parallel buckles and high and low buckles. If the height difference is not very large, the parallel buckles can be used. If the height difference is large, the height buckles can also meet the needs.

â– Question 2

Since the cork floor is relatively "soft", will it be pressed on the top of the furniture, and it is easy to push out the pit?

Experts answer: Due to the insufficient surface hardness, objects with high pressure are pressed on the cork floor, and the floor may be pushed out of the pit. For this problem, the salesperson usually explains that the cork has the ability to restore the original shape after compression. As long as the furniture is removed for a period of time, the pressed "pit" will gradually return to flatness. In fact, the deformation of an object is divided into elastic deformation and plastic deformation, and elastic deformation can be recovered, but plastic deformation cannot. If the value range of the elastic deformation is exceeded, it becomes plastic deformation and cannot be recovered.

In addition, the density of cork flooring is relatively small, even if the surface is wear-resistant layer, it is not comparable to laminate flooring and parquet. Therefore, it is best to put the furniture after 24 hours of installation, and to minimize the movement of people, padding the legs of the furniture to reduce the pressure. During use, the owner should wear soft-soled shoes to walk on the cork floor to avoid bringing sand into the room. It is recommended to lay a foot pad at the door and remove the sand that is brought into the room in time to reduce the wear on the floor. .

â– Question 3

What are the requirements for ground handling in paving cork flooring?

Experts answer: Zhang Health pointed out that the current cork flooring generally has two installation forms: adhesive type and lock type. Paste type means that the cork with a thickness of about 4mm is directly pasted on the ground. This requires very high levelness of the ground. Otherwise, surface bulging and pothole problems are likely to occur in the later stage. Therefore, the ground is required to be leveled by self-leveling. The lock-type installation uses a composite cork floor with a thickness of approximately 10.5 mm. This type of floor requires a suspension suspension paving, which is the same for floor requirements and laminate flooring.

â– Question 4

The surface of the cork floor seems to be rough, is it more troublesome to maintain it later?

Expert Answer: Wang Jun, an expert member of the China National Forest Products Industry Association, pointed out that cork flooring is a kind of cork pressed together with a relatively rough surface and with grooves, so it is easier to store ash, and it needs to be more meticulous in cleaning. . Ordinary cork flooring is not waterproof or anti-corrosive, and moisture is more likely to penetrate. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent ink, lipstick, etc. from getting on the floor, otherwise the dirt will not be easily cleaned. If it is not treated with moisture and water, cork flooring is also prone to mildew in a relatively humid environment, so be sure to use it under reasonable ambient humidity. Zhang Health pointed out that the surface of the painted cork flooring, because the paint will close the gap of the cork, cleaning is easier, and if there is no painting, the ground should be cleaned in time, but do not wipe with a too wet cloth Otherwise, the water will go in along the gap and there will be a problem of "black seams".

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