"Zero Formaldehyde" furniture is accused of speculation in China, there is no zero formaldehyde furniture

According to China Voice "Yangguang News", in the past two years, the concept of " zero formaldehyde " has almost become the mainstream trend in the home furnishing industry. Whether it is the major home stores or the sales staff of the specialty stores, they all say that their own brands are using "Green" "new process", its environmental quality testing is "low formaldehyde" or even "zero formaldehyde." However, professionals said: However, the fact is that most of the furniture and building materials that claim to be "zero formaldehyde" on the market are really hype concepts.

Now many consumers believe that "in line with national standards is "zero formaldehyde"", but the real "zero formaldehyde" refers to no formaldehyde content; experts also pointed out that the relevant decoration materials that do not contain formaldehyde so far do not exist. of. Due to factors such as manufacturing processes, China has basically not achieved the "zero formaldehyde" grade of furniture.

Many merchants have induced consumers to say, "No smell is no formaldehyde." "Furniture edge-sealing technology is superb and strict, so formaldehyde can't run out." These statements are all wrong. Whether it is sealing or long-term ventilation, even if the taste is gone, it is impossible to eliminate the release of formaldehyde from the root. The study data shows that formaldehyde is released for up to 3 to 15 years.

Then there is the saying that "formaldehyde is soluble in water, and the decoration of water-soluble paint is gone" is also a concept of flickering. In fact, the water-soluble paint has very limited consumption of formaldehyde, especially after being ventilated and dried, the formaldehyde adsorbed on the wall. Instead, it will be released without any hindrance. Therefore, the term "zero formaldehyde" decoration is not reliable, and it is impossible for finished furniture to fully achieve "zero formaldehyde".

So how should consumers choose home products to prevent the harm of formaldehyde? Experts remind, first of all, consumers should not be convinced of the propaganda of the business. At present, for the formaldehyde content of furniture and building materials, the country has corresponding standards, "E0", "E1", "E2", and above the "E2" level. Can be sold, at the time of purchase, you should check the test report issued by the national authority for sampling or inspection.

Secondly, after the renovation of the new home or after purchasing new furniture, it should be ventilated for two or three months or for a period of time, often open the window for ventilation. In addition, chemical products that remove formaldehyde should be used with caution. Although these products can eliminate formaldehyde to a certain extent, they are likely to regenerate other pollutants, resulting in secondary pollution of the home environment. Experts suggest that the general indoor environment chooses to use plant purification to achieve better results. Under normal circumstances, a room of about 10 square meters, 1.5 meters high plants put two pots can achieve better aldehyde removal effect.

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