No one cares about the beauty of "gold sweeping"

Sweeping gold, as a process that is not new, has realistic metal effect and relatively low cost, and has the environmental protection function that hot stamping and printing gold cannot match. Why sweeping gold cannot be used in China, the sweeper is only available in China. How about selling 8? The author interviewed the current China's only gold-selling agent, Jiuheng Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., a user of gold-sweeping machines—Yaojinshan Intaglio Printing Co., Ltd., and related experts in packaging and printing. They are on the gold-sweeping process in China. The development situation and future prospects give the following answers.

Sweeping gold "brilliance"

Sweeping gold is a special process in fine printing. Metal powder is attached to a specified part of a commodity package or label print to achieve gold glitter effect. The commonly used gold powder has a variety of colors, from lemon yellow to red copper, from bright gold to dark gold, and graphite, tan, everything. In the hands of printing manufacturers who are good at using the gold-sweeping process, it can be transformed into a variety of effects. Currently in North America and Europe, a kind of gold powder has begun to flourish. The gold powder has 4 kinds of thickness and nearly 10 colors. It will radiate multicolored light under the irradiation of light, and its unique effect will make the counterfeiters aware of it. Difficult to retreat. The process of sweeping gold is not complicated. Simply transfer the printed sheet to a monochrome or two-color offset press, apply the adhesive bottom ink at the point where the gold is to be swept, and then send it directly to the sweeper to press the special gold powder. Into the end of plastic, and after polishing, sheet metal and other processes to complete the sweep.

To date, there is only one company in the world that produces automatic sweepers—Dreissig, Germany. At present, sweeping equipment has been widely used around the world, especially in the areas of ordinary cigarettes, cigars packaging, cosmetics, chocolate packaging, wine and other trademark printing and invitation card products. The domestic users are mainly concentrated on cigarette labels, followed by kits and food packaging, which are mainly distributed in South China and East China.

Features vary

Gold printing, bronzing, and gold scouring as printing and post-printing processes that produce metal effects have their own advantages and disadvantages:

1. The speed of printing gold is fast, but the deformation is relatively serious when printing small prints or thin lines. The metallic texture is not strong enough when printing large areas of gold, and the metallic luster is poor.

2. As a traditional process, bronzing has a strong sense of metal, but its cost is high, its efficiency is low, and registration is difficult. When the graphics are very small and the gilding is large, the quality is not easy to control.

3. Compared with the printing and gold-plating methods, the gold-sweeping process is relatively simple, the production speed is high, the cost is low, and the metal texture is realistic, and the gloss is good, and the finishing effect is good. Regardless of the thickness of the picture, the size of the area can get finer results.

In foreign countries, many printing companies use multiple shifts to make full use of new sweepers and have achieved significant economic benefits. In China, compared with other fine print technologies, the number of sweepers is very small, and there is little market competition. Therefore, the pressure from market prices is small, together with the unique anti-counterfeiting effect and advertising effect of sweep gold products. Allows customers to accept a range of price differences; at the same time, the use of standardized gold powder and viscous ink can ensure that the sweep is quick and easy, and the loss of raw materials and maintenance costs are low, which can ensure that the printing manufacturer to obtain better benefits.

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