Wendeng's second building materials home group buying meeting

On June 10th, from 2 pm to 6 pm, the “Wen Deng Second Building Materials Home Group Purchase Conference” organized by Wendeng Home Buildings Integrity Alliance was grandly opened on the 4th floor of Yutai Hotel. On the day of the activity, nearly a thousand citizens, under the leadership of the bargainer, face-to-face with the manufacturers' representatives to bargain and share the feast of building materials and homes. The unprecedented price cuts allowed the representatives of the factory to call for "injury."

The group purchase will participate in the brands of Ou Pai Kitchen Cabinet, Ou Pai Wardrobe, Emperor Sanitary Ware, All Friends Furniture, Mengtian Mumen, Jinhu Whole House Water Purification, AIA Integrated Ceiling and Living Home Baroque Floor, as well as Xinghui Ceramics and Royal Curtain fabric. In order to let more consumers spend the least money, buy the best quality home building materials, and provide consumers with a one-stop shopping opportunity. The Wendeng Home Buildings Integrity Brand Alliance initiated by this newspaper held the group buying meeting. In the first event of the April 30th Home Buildings Integrity Brand Alliance, Ms. Gao, who is preparing to decorate, not only bought all the home building materials in one stop, but also got a lot of benefits in price. “Before the bargaining, I have also contacted many home building materials brands and have a preliminary understanding of the price of their products.” Ms. Gao said that after her initial comparison, she saved at least a thousand yuan from the newspaper during the loading process. After learning about the bargaining news, she immediately notified several neighbors who were going to decorate and accompanied them to the bargaining site.

On the day of the event, the price of “cutting” was successively released, so that the representatives of the on-site manufacturers frequently scratched their heads and shouted “I have never seen such a price-cutting bargainer, and have never seen such a united consumer”. Nearly a thousand consumers who entered the market with their enthusiasm also received a small gift from the members of the Wendeng Home Buildings Integrity Alliance. In addition, there are 24 people who have received orders for building materials ranging from 4,999 yuan, 2,000 yuan or 1,000 yuan.

Members of Wendeng Home Buildings Integrity Alliance have said that only consumers can benefit from the recognition of consumers. The group purchase bargaining will provide consumers with more home building materials brands and product choices, so that they can buy good products with good quality and low price. At the same time, it also allows the members of the alliance to increase their market share in the event, and ultimately achieve the sales model of both consumers and businesses.

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