HIGHROCK can spliced ​​spring and autumn cotton sleeping bags for only 300 yuan to read the full text >>

Through the military's rigorously tested HIGHROCK skyrocking sleeping bags, it is always possible to provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with good quality, warmth-keeping sleeping bags, ensuring the quality of outdoor sleep. In 2012, outdoor high-profile brand HIGHROCK once again showed everyone a new sleeping bag - stitching cotton sleeping bag in spring and autumn. HIGHROCK's new sleeping bag adopts a splicable form, which is innovative and can attract more young people to use. The total weight of a sleeping bag using chemical fiber cotton as the internal filling material is 1340g, which is suitable for outdoor sports in spring and autumn. Its market price is only RMB 300. The high price/performance ratio will bring more interest to ALICE.

HIGHROCK splicing spring and autumn cotton sleeping bags

HIGHROCK Sleeping Bag Display

HIGHROCK is equipped with a super convenient compression bag in order to make it easier for users to use it outdoors. Do not underestimate this small compression bag, although the bag is small but has a great use, through which it can be compressed to a computer-sized sleeping bag, easy to carry in outdoor travel, greatly reducing its size, worry and space .

HIGHROCK sleeping bag details show

Fabric design - The new sleeping bag is made of 100% polyester fabric. The fabric design of this material makes it more intimacy to the skin, which makes it have a good comfort softness. The lining material of the sleeping bag is made of 100% polyester Chunne material. It also has the characteristics of soft and comfortable texture, so that you can sleep comfortably outdoors. 100% polyester hollow cotton material inside the filling material, so that the sleeping bag has the same comfort, but also has a good thermal performance. The overall splash-proof fabric design of the sleeping bag can help you easily deal with outdoor changing and complex environmental conditions and reduce your fears.

HIGHROCK sleeping bag waterproof test

The closed area of ​​the new HIGHROCK sleeping bag is equipped with a brush puller design, which is more convenient and practical. At the same time, the design of the double puller head ensures the convenience during outdoor use.

A reasonable hood drawstring design is adopted on the outside of the cap of the sleeping bag, and the elastic and elastic drawstrings are arranged on the outer and inner sides. This design can adjust the hat at any time according to the change of outdoor temperature or its own requirement. Make sure you always experience the comfort and warmth of sleeping bags. The logo on the top of the sleeping bag is printed with its brand LOGO, with fine detail handling to highlight its quality.

HIGHROCK sleeping bag details

The special design of HIGHROCK can effectively prevent the zipper from opening the sleeping bag, allowing you to stretch it comfortably in your sleeping bag, so that you have a restful sleep quality, while the Velcro design prevents the skin from being scratched, which is more convenient and practical. The rathole design enhances the windproof performance of the outside of the sleeping bag, blocks the cold wind, ensures the required bag temperature in cold weather, and in the case of good weather, can remove excess internal heat through the mouse hole, thus ensuring the interior The comfort of the environment.

HIGHROCK sleeping bag details

The new HIGHROCK sleeping bag, with its comfortable temperature, enables you to enjoy the wonderful things that outdoor activities bring, while also improving the quality of sleep and ensuring that the body has the energy needed for exercise. The HIGHROCK splicing sleeping bag with good performance, bright colors and fashionable appearance is also occupying a place in the market at its affordable price. It is believed that those who like the HIGHROCK brand will not miss this opportunity.

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