How to arrange home Feng Shui to make money?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] oil prices have been rising, the economy is sluggish, have you ever been tired of shrinking clothes and dieting home life? In fact, for the small people: "The days are stable, full of food and clothing" is far more important than anything else, so you If you don't want to continue to live a life of stretch, then you should also try to improve your situation of spending money and not getting rich. If you want to have money and want to be wealthy and care for you, then carefully arrange a home feng shui that can be lucky. It is a very worthwhile investment!

1. The treasure chest is placed on the treasure chest to gather the Quartet and the Eight Ways.

Open the door of the living room in the home, the position of the diagonal of forty-five degrees is the treasury of the home feng shui. In general, if the treasury is full of debris or dirty, then its financial management ability will be weak. And spending money will be more unrestrained, so in addition to keeping bright and clean, the Treasury in the home is better to put a cornucopia on the treasury, so the wealth of energy through the cornucopia can not only bring you the source. The source of financial resources can also make you lucky and profitable.

2. The living room southeast palm wealth green plants are the most lucky

The southeast side of the living room symbolizes the family's economy and wealth, while the southeast side is wood in the five elements, so you can put green plants in this position, such as: Evergreen, keel, rich tree, golden geese, etc. These leaves are flourishing, The color of the potted potted ornaments can indeed add vitality to the home, and achieve the effect of "shengwang", but the plants are yin, so if you want to put the green potted plants in your home, you should tie the red rope or red ribbon according to the home feng shui. In order to turn the yin into the yang, the effect of winning the wealth.

3. The right white tiger is the most prosperous

The general home Feng Shui book often criticizes "Qinglong Fang" and devalues ​​"White Tiger", but for wealth: Bai Hufang is actually a partial fortune, so if you want to profit from investment or increase the wealth of people, you can Place a citrine tree on the side of the white tiger. Because the citrine tree has the strongest energy, it can boost your fortune and keep your lucky index rising, but remember that the citrine tree must be kept clean and clean. .

4. Use mirrors and paintings to open the restaurant

"Food Lu" is actually a kind of disguised wealth, so if you want to "eat well and dress beautifully", then you must not ignore the restaurant's home feng shui, because the restaurant also symbolizes the family's treasury, so usually in addition to In addition to keeping the ventilation clean, it is best to put a mirror on the side of the dining table. The reflection of the mirror can increase the amount of food on the table and double the food. In addition, you can also hang fruit paintings in the restaurant, full of round fruits.

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