Luzhou outdoor sports new ways to play: bridge down!

In the river or in the sea, you alone in the air, you can look up, you can look down, you can quickly drop, you can also slowly feel the touch of the skin stroking the skin, this description is not poetic? This is why the fall movement attracts many outdoor sports players.

The “Lamb” outdoor sports professional in Ganzhou has organized a number of bridge descending movements at Huajian Shajianqiao, Nanjing Tulou Bridge, Shangfeng Reservoir, and Ruizhuyan. They will also go to Xiamen’s Tongan Xiaopingshan Forest Park to play bridges recently. Drop, their activity Q group is 73,568,100.

“Lamb” introduced that the most attractive attraction for the bridge falls is the exciting air experience. As the name implies, the bridge descends from the bridge. It is a kind of speed drop and it needs to follow the rope and go down with the control of the descender.

For many outdoor sports enthusiasts, this is an early ass class outdoor exercise with a low degree of difficulty. The seemingly easy bridge is still a game for the brave. In addition to overcoming the fear of height and weightlessness, we must also prepare qualified equipment and master the correct mode of operation.

"Lamb" also reminds that playing bridge falls requires professional coaches to ensure safety. People who have not received professional guidance must not be imitated. It should be noted that hypertension and heart disease patients are strictly prohibited. Outdoors are risky and it is recommended to purchase related outdoor insurance.

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