Healthy living starts in the bedroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Our home wardrobe is usually placed in our bedroom, because it is convenient for us to access the clothes. In the wardrobe, the amount of formaldehyde released in the furniture is relatively large. The size of our bedroom is relatively small, and the doors and windows are relatively closed. Under such circumstances, formaldehyde is easy to accumulate. The average person's time in the bedroom is no less than 8 hours, so the health of the bedroom is especially important.

In recent years, many sample surveys have shown that the bedroom has become the “hardest hit” for household pollution. The investigators also found that some of the so-called green materials used by some citizens in the decoration, the result is still inevitable to hide the "poison." In individual households surveyed, even symptoms such as anemia, hematopoietic dysfunction, and even leukemia were induced by excessive formaldehyde. In this regard, the relevant experts explained that the artificial board will release formaldehyde, the bedroom volume and ventilation conditions are limited, the furniture sheet is used in a large amount, even if the E0 grade environmental protection board is used, the accumulation of formaldehyde can not be completely avoided.

In addition, the experts also reminded consumers that after entering the winter, the indoor ventilation volume is reduced, it is more difficult to meet the standard requirements of indoor normal fresh air volume, and now the new house is very good in sealing and the air leakage rate is low, so it is easy to cause air. The concentration of pollutants in the area is increasing, so the public should strengthen air ventilation to prevent indoor air circulation pollution.

In addition to forced ventilation, there is no better solution to the problem of air safety in the bedroom. The "zero formaldehyde" wardrobe may provide a fundamental solution to the problem of formaldehyde.

The biggest feature of Wanhua Zero Realm is that it does not release formaldehyde completely. The manufacturing process of the furniture, such as veneering and edge sealing, also introduces a small amount of formaldehyde into the furniture, but the introduction is shallow and small. The real source of long-term formaldehyde release comes from the artificial board itself. This kind of board, in the board manufacturing process, uses a very safe MDI ecological adhesive instead of the aldehyde industrial glue used in the manufacture of ordinary wood-based panels, so that formaldehyde can be completely eliminated. "Because the sheet does not release formaldehyde, the accumulation of formaldehyde in the living room that has long plagued people has been completely solved."

Judging from the wardrobe products that the author sees, this "non-formaldehyde-free" sheet is no different from traditional plates in terms of processing and application properties. According to the introduction, another feature of this type of sheet is the use of toughness grass fiber instead of wood fiber, which can fully meet the requirements of furniture production in terms of processing application.

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