The toy corps is very popular in the European royal family and used to be a luxury item.

[ Chinese and foreign toy network news] If you have the opportunity to return to the French court in the 17th century, you may see "Sun King" Louis XIV is playing a small legion on the table, they are not pure playthings, but rather The special toy that teaches music is a toy soldier made of metal. It is hand-painted and colored, and it is very realistic. The toy soldiers of the brigade can form a legion. Each unit is complete, and it is possible to have a fierce confrontation between the two armies on the table. When did the earliest toy soldiers appear? No one can really make it clear. Some historians believe that the history of toy soldiers may be as old as the history of war.

French King, Tsar, Churchill love toy soldiers

According to records, in the mausoleum of the ancient Egyptian prince 4,000 years ago, archaeologists discovered a very unique set of wooden toy soldiers. These toy soldiers lined up side by side to form a majestic military array. Today you can The Cairo Museum saw them.

Before the industrial civilization really came, the toy soldiers were more of a luxury in the nobility and wealthy home. They can help the nobles become familiar with military common sense so that they can take on the responsibility in the future. The French queen, Medici, once gave her young son, the later King Louis XVIII, 300 silver toy soldiers as gifts. In today's Rosenberg Castle in Copenhagen, there is a group of silver toy soldiers, which was built by the famous silversmith Fabri for the Danish King Frederick IV. France's famous "Sun King" Louis XIV also has a huge toy army, but unfortunately, this toy army was melted in 1715 financial difficulties as a hard currency subsidy government spending.

The Russian empress Catherine the Great wrote in her autobiography that Tsar Peter III had wood, lead and tin toy soldiers in his childhood, a total of hundreds. "In the festival, the prince often arranges them in a neat queue. The toy soldiers are also equipped with artillery, which can make loud shooting sounds through clever springs."

One of the famous fans of modern toy soldiers, one cannot fail to mention. That is the famous British Prime Minister Sir Churchill. In his early years, Churchill had been a toy soldier for ten minutes. He described this "army" in his autobiography "My Early Life": "I have about 1,500 toy soldiers of the same size, all British soldiers, forming an infantry division. And a cavalry brigade."

From luxury to ordinary goods

The toy soldiers as commodities appeared around 1730 AD. At that time, the Hilbert family in Nuremberg, Germany, took the lead in manufacturing lead flat toy soldiers. These toy soldiers were made of two large metal plates as molds. It was based on the French army of the Napoleonic era and the generals of the King of Prussia during the period of Frederick I.

Since 1789, the French company Rupert has established itself as the cornerstone of the top toy brand with its superb solid solid casting technology and coloring process. Although the Lüket toy soldiers are well-made, all that has survived so far are products after 1850, and earlier Lüket toy soldiers have been annihilated by long hours. In 1825, the company was acquired by French toy manufacturer CBG, and in 1876 the company was acquired by Micino. Micino later became the most prestigious toy soldier manufacturer in history.

What really helped the toy soldiers change from luxury goods to ordinary goods were George Hyde of Germany and William Bridley of the United Kingdom. Hyde produces 45mm round carved solid toy soldiers. The head of the toy soldiers can be removed and replaced so that each toy soldier can play soldiers from different countries. The earliest Briton toy soldiers were mainly from the image of the British Royal Guard wearing a red uniform and wearing a bearskin cap. After that, Britannia began producing the Boer War, the First World War, the Abyssinian War and the British British army soldiers during World War II, Britannia is still producing toy soldiers today, but these expensive toy soldiers have become collectibles, no longer ordinary children's toys .

German toy soldiers reflect the rise of Nazi

In the collectibles market, the most common boutique toy soldiers are mostly from Germany. Between the First World War and the Second World War, Germany's Hauser and Linniol's 75mm mixed-material toy soldiers gradually became rookies on the market. These toy soldiers are diverse and complete in variety, and of course the Germans are absolutely most. The German toy soldiers of this period recorded a profound and vivid history. If you look at the Hauser toy soldiers before the outbreak of World War II, you will find that they vividly reflect the military rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s: the toy soldiers of this period were the stormtroopers, the SS, the National Defense Forces. And the characters of other military and paramilitary organizations in Nazi Germany, in addition to the toy soldiers of Hittite, Himmler, Goebbels and other Nazi leaders. In addition to the German elements, Hauser has also produced toy soldiers from many other countries, including Romans, Virgins and medieval European soldiers.

Since the mid-19th century, famous toy soldiers such as Micino and Lukot have created many toy soldiers who faithfully reproduce major historical events, such as the Battle of Austerlitz, the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of the Marne, and even Napoleon. The coronation ceremony and the grand funeral that was later held for him. The various "accessories" produced for the toy soldiers scene are now also hot in the collectibles market. The most sought after are the tanks and armored vehicles used by the German toy army in the 1930s and 1940s. Trucks, cars, artillery and machine guns, etc. At that time, the German toy manufacturing industry was world-famous, and its simulation degree was quite rare even according to today's standards.

After World War II, people's understanding of the toxicity of lead toy soldiers deepened, coupled with the development of the plastics industry, the material of the toy soldiers gradually turned to plastic, cheap plastic toy soldiers became the world's popular toys. Click to enter the home page of China and foreign toys

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