The size of the different cloakrooms should also be different.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] different types of design, there are different design methods when designing the cloakroom. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the design methods of different types of cloakrooms:


The mini-family house can be built into a cloakroom by making a small cloakroom at the entrance or by embedding the closet in the hallway.

If it is a villa-style luxury home, then of course it is to find a room to be a cloakroom, and even if there are special hobbies, the whole floor as a cloakroom is also indispensable.

In general family homes, it is recommended to choose the right way according to different situations. For example, if you have more than one hundred flats at home, you can consider making a small room to make a cloakroom, or isolate the corner of the big bedroom to make a cloakroom. Less than one hundred square meters, you can put a wall into the built-in cloakroom.

Barstool first major use is in the bar, and now it has been more and more use of chairs, is widely used in rinse it, fast food restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, jewelry stores, cosmetic stores and other venues, on behalf of the passion, fashion and popular. Now, more and more people prefer to put this at home several Bar Stool, let the modern home more rich.
Shape and general chair barstool similar, but higher seat off the ground, it is usually from the seat surface to size 650-900mm. Textured metal bar stool with a modern and generally can rotate 360 degrees.
Barstool divided by major material: wood bar chairs, wood bar chairs, bentwood bar stool, Acrylic bar stool, metal bar stool, rattan bar stool, leather bar stool, fabric bar chairs, plastic bar chairs;
Barstool by the use of performance points: pneumatic lift bar stool, lifting bar chairs, rotating bar stool, fixed bar chairs.

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