The correct way for men to use sea mud mask in autumn and winter

The correct way for men to use sea mud mask in autumn and winter

The correct method is important if the mask to be applied is better absorbed. Let's explain to men the correct use of the two types of facial masks.

First, the skin care mask

Some of the facial masks are gel-like, and some are in the form of a lotion or a cream. It is required to apply a thin layer directly on the face. After use, it can be directly cleaned or wiped with facial tissue. Some products are also advertised without cleaning. Most of these masks are routine maintenance. The skin care mask has moisturizing, nourishing and conditioning functions, and long-term use can effectively delay skin aging. Sleep masks are the most common of us, and silk masks are also very popular among consumers.

Second, the mud mask

Most of the mud masks are made of kaolin and green clay. Some brands use natural volcanic mud, dead sea mud, hot spring mud (Japan Jiuguang Hot Spring Mud Mask) and so on. The mud mask is rich in minerals and trace elements, which can effectively soften the hardened sebum that blocks pores, deep cleanse skin dirt and toxins, promote skin metabolism, and accelerate metabolic aging and acne. Some mud masks promise other benefits. The mud mask has a good cleansing and oil control effect. It has a certain moisturizing effect . The nutrients can be absorbed by the skin and the skin feels refreshed like never before. However, some masks are too dry to use, and we can mix them with the nutritional mask. >>> Skin care products need to pay attention to conflicts

The correct way for men to use sea mud mask in autumn and winter

When using a mask, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Do a good job of cleansing the face before use. Remove the dirt from the pores on the face thoroughly, and use the warm water to expand the pores. When applying the face, it can achieve better results.

2, when applying the mask, the concave part under the convex part of the face such as the tibia, chin, etc. should be completely covered, and avoid the weaker skin around the eyes and lips.

3, mask as a supplement to daily skin care, generally used 1-2 times a week. If used too often, it tends to cause thickening of the stratum corneum, which changes the normal metabolism of our skin. It is easy to cause redness, sensitivity and other adverse reactions.

4, if the nourishing mask we use frequently, it is easy to cause acne, because the skin should get enough nutrients, continue to add nutrition, is too nutritious, the skin can not absorb. It is also a waste! If you use a water-repellent paper film to moisturize the skin every day, this is fine because most of these masks are water-based.

5, must not use toner before applying mask, toner and other ingredients in the toner will reduce the skin's skin benefits.

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