Long-term storage of pickles or glass bottles is appropriate

Pickles bottles, in many people's impressions, are often dominated by pottery jars with a large capacity. In the past, earthenware jars were used as pickle bottles for marinated pickles, which are essential for every family. Today, with the accelerated pace of life, pickles have begun to enter supermarkets and enter the fast-moving consumer goods field. The packaging of pickles bottles is more diversified.

For a large-scale marinated pickles, earthenware jars are still the best choice for pickles, and this form can achieve large-scale industrial pickling and production. For supermarket sales, the use of glass pickle bottles and plastic pickle bottles is more conducive to consumer acceptance, allowing them to see products clearly at a glance and at the same time be more portable. As packaging costs continue to increase, more and more companies are beginning to use plastic wide-mouth pickles for packaging. However, we believe that pickles are used as food packaging materials. Under certain conditions, especially some families now have a small amount of homemade pickles, glass pick-up bottles are the best choice. The plastic pickle bottle is in contact with pickles for a long time and is repeatedly used. If it is improperly stored, it will release harmful substances to the human body. In the supermarket, if you can not eat in the short term, it is recommended to consider plastic pickles as well.

Hose Holder is Strong and Stylish

This Hose Hanger creates an easy way to organize hoses and hose end accessories.

  • Keeps hose neatly coiled and out of the way
  • Holds up to 200 feet of hose
  • Hand-forged with an elegant leaf motif

Durable powder-coated finish

The heavy duty hose hanger is a convenient way to store your garden hose to keep it off the ground and out of the way so you don't have to keep moving it. The metal rod angles outward on the front of this holder, keeping the hose in place and creating a frame for the unit. It is powder coated for durability.

  • Powder coated for durability
  • An additional metal rod angles outward on the front of this holder
  • Keyhole opening on the back for mounting on a wall or post

Hose Hanger

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